3" River Fin

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The GILI 3” River Fin is specially designed for paddling in river environments.

The GILI 3” River Fin is designed for river paddling action. The fin's low profile and shape make it streamlined for paddling through shallow, murky water. Weeds and other debris will have a hard time hanging onto the fins thanks to its shape and you will have much less fin to worry about hitting submerged rocks or logs. The River Fin also helps you move across or against a river current thanks to its low profile. 

  • Low Profile - less likely to get stuck with underwater debris
  • Strong - responsive nylon flex construction
  • Flexible - use as side fins or full 3 fin set-up
MODEL GILI iSUP Snap In Side Fin
SIZE 3 Inches

Our 3" Riber Fins are compatible with our GILI Meno SUPs and fit any paddle board with a US fin box.