Saving our World's Oceans, one Paddle Board at a time

Here at GILI, we offer the highest quality Paddle Boards you can buy. A portion of every paddle board purchase goes towards saving our world's oceans, sea creatures, reefs, and endangered species.

Paddle boarding is the world's fastest growing water sport, and for good reason! People of all ages, skill levels, are finding new ways to enjoy SUP. From All Around Paddling, SUP Fishing, SUP Yoga, and more - there are so many ways to use your paddle board.

You may have yet to experience an inflatable paddle board - but they are making waves for a reason! Highly portable, super durable, and super fun - we recommend iSUPs for most people. If you're a newbie paddler or an experienced one, you'll find an iSUP that's right for you.

We make all of our inflatable paddle boards with the highest quality, cross-stitch PVC material. A drop, ding, or scratch won't stop our boards. Every single board goes through a multi-stage quality check so you know you're getting a rugged, reliable SUP.

We put so much thought and love into each board design - we sweat the small stuff. After all, the devil is in the details!

Our paddle boards feature oversized cargo areas, extra grab handles, extra-length traction pads, wrapped up in eye-catching, unique designs. We've added extra d-ring mounts wherever we could - and these extra mounting points allow you to add a Kayak seat for added versatility.

About Us

We're proud of our boards, and we're proud of our customers. Together, we're making a difference. We encourage you to read our Mission Statement and About Us pages.

And in case you're wondering, GILI is named after a very small island chain east of Bali, Indonesia. GILI translates to "small island" in the local Indonesian language.


If you're new to paddle boarding, and aren't sure where to start, check out our Blog and our Expert Advice columns. We're constantly publishing new articles and guides.

All Around Paddling

All Around SUPs are great for beginners experiencing SUP for first time to intermediates who want a do-it-all board.

SUP Touring

Touring boards are for people who like to paddle long distances, or enjoy all-day excursions on the water. Our Adventure Paddle Board is our most popular touring SUP.

SUP Yoga

Are you a yogi looking to liven up your typical Yoga experience? Not only is yoga more fun on a SUP, you're also surrounded by nature. Inflatables make excellent boards for SUP Yoga.

SUP Fishing

Wanna fish from your SUP? Look for boards that are wider and longer, with a weight capacity to carry all of your fishing gear. Not only is fishing from a SUP fun, it's a great way to reach those out of spot fishing holes bigger boats can't quite reach.

Surf SUPs

While all around SUPs can surf small breaks, a SUP designed for surfing will typically be smaller and narrower. You'll be able to catch more waves on a SUP than a typical surf board, one of the many benefits of SUP surfing!

Hybrid SUPs

We've created a new category of SUPs - the hybrid. These boards are typically a little wider than your typical all around SUPs. We've designed ours with a pointed nose - what you gain in stability you won't lose too much in speed. These make amazing all around boards, and they provide years of fun for the whole family.

Learn How to Choose a Stand Up Paddle Board and the Paddle Boarding basics. For SUP Sizing, check out our SUP Size & Weight Chart. Finally - don't forget to check out Cool Places to Paddle Board Near Me.