The Best Paddle Board Accessories

Discover a wide range of high-quality paddleboard accessories. Shop now and improve your stand-up paddle boards with GILI Sports.

From high-pressure paddleboard pumps to paddleboard kayak kits, we’ve got you sorted. Browse our collection of must-haves, essentials for beginner paddle boarders, and top recommendations for seasoned pros.

Must-Have Paddleboard Accessories

Whether you are a beginner or an expert paddleboarder, certain accessories are necessary for your stand-up paddleboard. Have you got yourself fully kitted out?

  1. Paddle Board Leashes — don’t risk losing your paddle board downstream and having to swim after it; use a leash to stay attached in safe environments.
  2. Waterproof Dry Bags — keep your valuables safe while on the water. A dry bag is the perfect accessory for waterproof storage.
  3. Electric Paddle Board Pump - one of our favorite accessories from customers. Inflates your SUP quickly and easily.

Not to mention the obvious must-have accessories: paddle and fin! Once you have the essentials sorted, your adventures will not stop there.

Inflatable Paddle Board Accessories

So, you’ve decided to go the inflatable paddleboard route. Now, you must ensure you have all the extras to improve your iSUP life! 

  1. Rolling Inflatable iSUP Backpack –– Inflatable paddle boards deflate and can be stowed into bags for easy transit, which is even better with wheels.
  2. High Flow Triple Action Hand Pump –– make every pump count when you inflate your board, a triple action hand pump can be taken anywhere.
  3. 12v Electric Paddle Board iSUP Pump —Save your energy for the main event. An electric pump will do all the pumping so you can focus on paddling.

Accessorizing your inflatable paddle board opens up doors for so many more ventures to be had. What are you waiting for? Maximize your inflatable paddle board now!

Paddle Board Accessories For Newbies

For beginners, the main focus is safety and comfort. Looking after yourself and your gear is a great way to start your paddle-boarding hobby.

  1. Personal Floatation Device (PFDs) –– many destinations require PFDs to allow access to the water, so make sure you’re wearing a USCG-approved life jacket.
  2. Paddle Board Kayak Kits — allow yourself to sit and enjoy the view from a different angle. Kayak conversion kits are versatile and fun.
  3. Paddle Board Wall Rack –– ensure your gear is well-cared for both in and out of the water. A wall rack is a great storage solution for hard paddle boards.

Paddle Board Accessories For Experts

Expert paddle boarders might need more specialist accessories. Whether you need a specific fin or want to take your dog on board, level up your gear for the job!

  1. Paddle Board Fins –– refine your paddle board and optimize performance to meet your needs; changing your fins is a great place to start.
  2. Paddle Board Fishing Accessories –– specializing in your paddling into fishing requires a few extra add-ons, so check them out and level up your game.
  3. Dog Life Jackets - feeling confident on the water means you can take your four-legged best friend out with you, but you must always keep them safe.

Paddleboard accessories range from essentials to specialism. SUP fishing and SUP yoga are just two avenues you could explore, both of which benefit from a grapple anchor kit

  • You may want to simply enjoy the water and take your board out recreationally. Why not add a waterproof Bluetooth speaker to your kit bag and bring the party with you? The world is your oyster, and your paddle board is your vessel to maximize your experience!