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Stand Up Paddle Boarding: Fun for You and the Whole Family

Not only is Stand Up Paddling (SUP) easy to learn, it’s something you can enjoy with your whole family. Enjoy the peace and calm of being on the water, while exercising your core and improving your balance. Paddle boarding is great for all skill levels, and you may find yourself using your stand up paddle board for more activities such as fishing, surfing, yoga, touring, and even racing.

Our stand up SUPs can be used anywhere - lakes, rivers, and oceans. For the adventurous, you can use our SUPs to surf your local lineup, paddle through icy waters, and hike to hidden lakes and waterfalls. Our inflatables fold up in a backpack, now there’s no limit where you can paddle!

Enjoy the serenity of a solo paddle, or join your friends, family, or spouse for a day spent paddling on the water.

What is the Best Paddle Board for a Beginner?

For beginner paddlers, we often recommend our 10’6 Komodo SUP. Why? Well, it’s one of our most stable and versatile boards, yet it's still affordable. The full-length EVA pad allows you to use the board for a variety of activities, including SUP yoga, paddling with your dog, and all-around paddling.

If you want something a little faster, and you may dabble in SUP fishing, we love our Adventure Stand UP Paddleboards. For those that want a super stable SUP loaded with the latest tech, look at our Meno Series SUPs. While higher-priced, they come with a lot of great gear and features like a carbon rail, dual-chamber pump, and rolling iSUP bag.

For the more budget-minded, our 10’6 AIR Paddle Board has been consistently rated as one of the top paddleboards in the $500 range.

How Do I Choose a Paddle Board?

Start by determining how much volume you'll need from your stand up paddle board. Most people need a SUP with 175L to 225L of volume.

Second, think about length. If this is your first SUP, we recommend a paddle board of at least 10’6 to 11’. Remember - you can’t be too light for a stand up paddle board, but you can be too heavy!

Then, think about your usage. Will you be fishing, adventuring, trying SUP yoga, or bringing your dog? While all of our SUPs have attachment points for various types of mounts, you’ll want a larger SUP if your dog or friend will be hitching a ride. Our Komodo SUPs are perfect for Yoga or if your dog will be riding with you. Also, choose a board with more volume and Scotty mounts if you’ll be fishing, like our 12’ Adventure and 11’6 Meno.

Finally, consider your budget. If you’re new to SUP and looking for an entry-level board, our 10’6 AIR fits the bill. While our Menos feature a very nice, upgraded package and the latest technology, they come with a higher price tag than our other SUPs.

What Does the Volume of a Paddle Board Mean?

You’ll notice we list the volume on all our SUPs - that’s because it’s one of the most important factors in choosing a stand up paddle board. Volume is based on a SUP’s length, width, and thickness. Basically, the more volume your stand up paddle board has, the more weight capacity it will support.

So what’s the ideal SUP volume for you? First, add your weight, any gear you may bring with you, and the weight of any passengers (four or two-legged passengers apply!) to bet your total weight capacity requirement.

  • If your total weight is under 200 lbs, any of our SUPs will work great for you.
  • If your total weight is over 235 lbs, look for a SUP with a volume of at least 175 L - our 10’6 AIR, 11’ Adventure, or 10’6 Komodo is ideal for you.
  • If your total weight is over 275 lbs, look for a paddleboard with over 240 L of volume like our 12’ Adventure and 11’6 Meno.

Please take volume and weight capacity seriously, a property weighted board will vastly improve your paddling experience.

How to Choose Paddle Board Length and Width

While volume is the most important metric when choosing a SUP, length and width play a large part in how your SUP performs on the water. Too narrow, and your board could feel unstable. Too wide or too long, and your SUP will be harder to maneuver. So what size paddle board is right for you?

Generally, we recommend a length of 10’6 to 11’ for most beginner paddlers. If you must carry more weight, then you can go beyond 11’ - but realize what you gain in stability and buoyancy you’ll lose a little maneuverability.

We suggest a width of no less than 31” to 35” for most beginner paddleboarders. If you really want a stable board, our 35” wide Meno Series SUPs are great for families and beginners alike. If you prefer something more fast and agile, a SUP with between 31” and 33” is recommended.

How to Choose Paddle Board Thickness

For inflatable SUPs, we recommend you choose a board no less than 6” in width. While there are iSUPs on the market with a width less than 6” - they tend to be very unstable and are not very buoyant. This is why all of our inflatables at GILI are at least 6” in width.

For a hard stand up paddle board, we recommend looking for a SUP 4” to 4’.5” thick.

What Paddle Board Fin Setup Should I Choose?

Look for a stand up paddle board with a removable, tri-fin setup. All of our boards at GILI are supplied with one main snap-in fin and two, smaller, snap-in side fins. We have our own, proprietary snap-in (removable) main fins in four different sizes - great for different applications like river paddling (where you’ll want a shorter fin) and a race-fin for lakes and deeper water.

All GILI inflatable SUPs feature removable side-fins, great for tracking and turning and removable for rivers and for easy storage.

Some hard paddle boards feature a single fin setup, we still prefer having three fins on the rear of our board!

Planing Hulls vs Displacement Hulls

Planing hulls are flat and wide, idea for recational paddling, SUP Yoga, whitewater, and SUP surfing. Planing hulls are very common.

Displacement hulls have a pointed noise similar to a kayak or canoe. They are designed to slice through water efficiently. SUPs with planing displacement hulls are great for long distance paddling, fitness paddling, racing and touring.

Are Inflatable Paddle Boards Worth the Money?

In a word, YES! Inflatable SUPs are more durable, portable, lighter weight, and are more affordable than standard epoxy SUPs. In fact, for most people, we recommend Inflatable SUPs over solid ones. Now, if you need extreme performance out of a SUP, such as racing or surfing, then you may want to consider a solid paddle board.

What's included with my GILI SUP?

GILI inflatable SUPs include the board, backpack, paddle, hand pump, coil leash, fins, and repair kit.

GILI epoxy/solid paddle boards include the board, paddle, coil leash, and fins.

Find a GILI Paddle Board You’ll Fall in Love With

We make a stand up paddle board for every adventure. Whether you prefer a gentle morning paddle or if you’re exploring new territory or if you just love to fish - we’ve got you covered!

Inflatable Paddle Boards: Inflatable SUPs are perfect for any adventure and fit anywhere - your trunk, closet, and even on airplanes. Inflatables are easily transported and very durable.

Hard paddle boards: while epoxy SUPs are harder to transport than iSUPs, but they tend to perform better for surfing, touring, and are generally the fastest type of board.

Yoga Paddle Boards: Experience yoga in the best way possible - on the water. These boards offer a wide and stable platform with extra-large traction pads for comfort and performance, great for all you yogis out there!

Fishing Paddle Boards: anglers are discovering a new way of fishing - from a stand up paddle board! These larger SUPs feature dual bungee systems and loads of mounting points to carry a day’s worth of fishing gear.

All Around Paddle Boards: All-around SUPs are a great choice for beginners as they perform well on all water conditions and are extremely versatile. These SUPs can be used for nearly any paddle boarding activity.

Touring Paddle Boards: Designed for quick and efficient paddling, touring SUPs are great for long-distance paddling and all-day adventures.

Surf Paddle Boards: surfing SUPs are more maneuverable for catching and riding waves, yet are still stable enough for paddling in flatwater conditions.

Women's Paddle Boards: are lightweight, maneuverable SUPs with attractive designs no matter your gender.

Dog Paddle Boards: are designed with you and your dog in mind! Typically wider SUPs with oversize traction pads for extra grip and comfort your pup's paws!

What GILI Paddle Board Should I choose?

10’6 AIR Inflatable SUP (4.9 out of 5 stars) - If you’re new to SUP and want a budget-friendly entry into the SUP world, this is your board. It may not have the premium accessories and features of some of our other SUPs, but it comes with the same great warranty, and is an excellent all arounder.

"This board is super light-weight compared to the 25lbs that most weigh. All of the accessories are perfectly matched to the board and are of good quality...comes in at 19lbs which was a big selling point for me. I’m looking forward to playing with it more this spring and summer!” - Jill S.

11’ / 12’ Adventure Inflatable SUP  (4.9 out of 5 stars) - made for adventurers - those of you who want a stand up paddle board who can go the distance, and that’s faster than your average SUP. For 2021 we’ve added Scotty Mounts and our very own Action Mounts (and a paddle holder too).

“My favorite SUP. This is my second paddle board purchase. I learned to SUP on the Meno and then quickly transitioned to the Adventure 11'. I absolutely love this board! It is definitely my favorite. It glides on the water so smoothly, with such ease, and with great speed. I love how fast it can go. Great quality too.” - Farah

10’6 Komodo Inflatable SUP (4.8 out of 5 stars) - New this year, the Komodo is our most versatile board. Your dog and kids will feel at home on it’s full length deck pad, and it’s a great board for SUP Yoga. The Komodo is also an excellent all arounder - you really can’t go wrong with this SUP, whether it’s your first or your last.

“I'm that guy that does all the research then never makes the purchase cause there are just too many decisions to make! Price, size, company, quality...I bit the bullet and went with the Komodo (2 of them) and boy am I glad I did. Easy to inflate, light weight, perfect size for the lake. Love love love! Also, customer service is responsive to every request!” - Marc W.

10’6 / 11’6 Meno Inflatable SUP (4.9 out of 5 stars) - Equipped with a carbon rail, carbon fiber paddle, dual-chamber High Flow pump, all packaged in a premium rolling bag, the Meno Series is our premium line. Made for beginner to advanced paddlers, this SUP is for those who want the best, at a reasonable price.

“Super stable, glides across the water. So far I've taken it to local lakes. Looking forward to an ocean voyage. I fit myself and 2 of my kids on it, one on the front one on the back, had a few good laughs. I would recommend this to anyone cause if you're going to get one, it might as well be the best one.” Matthew A.

You’ll Love our Paddle Boards, We Guarantee It.

GILI paddle boards come with a 2 Year Warranty and a 60 Day guarantee. If you don’t love our boards, send it back. We also offer Free Shipping all of our products.

Buy a SUP, Save the Ocean

Every time you purchase a GILI Stand Up Paddle Board, we donate to a charity that helps our oceans, coral reefs, and endangered sea creatures. Each of our boards features a specific ocean-related cause on the back of the board. When you see this logo, you know where your money is going.