Dog Paddle Boards for Sale

If you love paddle boarding with your dog, these SUPs are for you. Any of these boards in this collection will serve you well. A customer favorite is our Komodo paddle board, which features a full length, nose-to-tail traction pad so your feet and your dog's paws have a comfortable, grippy surface to latch on to.

 Can You Paddle Board with a Dog?

Yes, absolutely! Many dogs love being on a SUP! Choose a board at least 10'6 in length and a bit of extra width helps stability. Inflatable SUPs are a great choice, especially paddle boards with extra-length traction pads

How to SUP with Your PUP

Check out our How to Paddle Board with Your Dog article. It will teach you everything you need to know, from introducing your dog to the paddle board, safety, and more.

Your Perfect Dog Paddle Board is Waiting for You

We recommend iSUPs for paddling with your dog as they float higher in the water, keeping you and your dog high and dry, and they are softer and more comfortable for your pup. Not only do iSUPs have more space, they are easily transported and stored.

We offer a variety of SUPs that are suitable for dogs. Our favorite is the Komodo, but many of our customers also use the Meno and Adventure series with their four-legged companions.

Every Purchase Helps our World's Ocean's and Sea Creatures

$10-15 of every paddle board purchase goes to one of the several ocean, reef, and sea creature foundations we support.