Surf Paddle Boards

Paddle boards aren’t just for still water anymore. Shred your local lineup with our surfing paddle boards.

Catch More Waves with a Surf Paddle Board

Made for intermediate and advanced paddlers, surfing paddle boards are smaller and have less volume than traditional SUPs. This makes them very responsive and maneuverable, making catching and riding waves easier.

Our surfing SUPs can be used for other styles of paddling, but they’re ideal for when you want more excitement from your paddle boards. Look for a surfing sup that has a planing hull and larger rocker - this will make the board rip and carve waves at your local surf spot.

We've designed our “hybrid” SUPs for a wide range of paddling, including SUP surfing, flatwater and recreational paddling. Our 10'6 Air Inflatable is great for surfing smaller ocean waves.

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