Hard Paddle Boards

What Are Hard Paddle Boards?

There are several different types of paddle boards: hard/epoxy boards, soft top SUPs, and inflatable paddle boards. While all come with a list of perks and benefits, hard boards are the “traditional” (old school) type of paddle board.

The  different types of hard paddle boards range from beautifully crafted wooden SUPs to specialized epoxy masterpieces, the design technology behind SUPs has never been better. 

Dip Your Paddle In The Water With An Epoxy Paddle Board

Modern hard SUPs are carefully designed and crafted SUPs made out of a combination of epoxy resin, EPS foam, and layers of fiberglass. This makes them lightweight and durable – two key qualities to consider when buying a SUP.

Epoxy paddle boards glide with ease and cut through the water with speed, ideal for competitive races. They lend themselves to carving on waves and making tight maneuvers, perfect for SUP surfing.  

Is a hard paddle board for me?

Epoxy hard paddle boards are not the easiest SUPs to handle. Therefore, we don’t recommend beginners starting out on one. In fact, the best paddle boards for beginners are inflatable SUPs.

So, should I choose a hard SUP?

If you fancy a wave or two and want to join the surfers in the line-up, then an epoxy board is for you. Iif you are interested in touring expeditions or competitive races, then you want the performance qualities that come from epoxy designs. 

Perks of Hard Paddle Boards

  • Great speed performance
  • Stable in windy and choppy conditions
  • The choice for SUP surfing
  • All set and ready to paddle right away!

Hard Paddle Board vs Inflatable Paddle Board

Of course, there is a comparison to be made between hard boards and inflatable paddle boards. Hard paddle boards are great for speed and precision whilst in the water. Inflatable paddle boards are fantastic for traveling and general all round purposes. 

There are more differences between the two than just the obvious of inflation and rigid:

Hard Paddle Board Inflatable Paddle Board
Better performance and precision Great portability makes for easy travel
Requires a lot of storage space Super easy to store when storage is limited
Best for intermediate/advanced paddlers Best for beginners/intermediate paddlers
SUP Surfing, and SUP Racing SUP Yoga, SUP Fishing, and SUP Touring

Latest designs of inflatable paddle boards are so good that they are actually giving traditional hard boards a run for their money. Dual-layer fusion technology, as found on our inflatable SUPs, creates a high-performing board that feels extremely similar to a hard paddle board under your feet!