Inflatable Paddle Boards

Now you can paddle anywhere

Inflatable paddle boards are durable, super easy to travel with, require less storage, and last for years because they are made out of super durable, lightweight PVC material. All you have to do is pump up your Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board to the recommended PSI and you're ready to get on the water! When fully inflated, inflatable paddle boards are super rigid due to their advanced construction. In fact, our blow up paddle boards feel just as rigid as traditional, hard paddle boards.

Great for all skill levels, inflatable SUPs are the paddle boards of choice for beginners who prefer paddling on flat water lakes and bays. Intermediate and advanced paddle boarders also prefer inflatable paddle boards, and can paddle well in intermediate waves and chop.

Whether you love traveling and exploring, or simply don't have the storage space or a vehicle roof rack, inflatable sup boards are for you.

Our inflatable stand up paddle boards roll up to the size of a sleeping bag, and fits securely into the carry backpack. When deflated, it only takes 5-7 minutes to fully inflate your iSUP. Easily store your blow up sup in your house or in your car. Try that with an epoxy board!

How to choose an inflatable paddle board

The best inflatable paddle boards are a perfect combination of materials and design. Knowing how to choose a stand up paddle board can be daunting, but with our top tips you will be halfway there in getting your hands on an epic inflatable paddle board.

Questions to ask yourself when shopping for an inflatable stand up paddle board:

  • How are you going to use the inflatable paddle board?
  • What is your experience in paddle boarding?
  • Is there a specific size and shape of the inflatable SUP you need?
  • What volume and weight capacity do you need?

Inflatable paddle boards offer versatility and performance. They are perfect for anyone with limited storage space while being easy to travel around with being a lightweight board. The shape and design plays an important role in making an inflatable stand up paddle board right for you in regards to performance and weight limit.

Typically, the longer and wider the inflatable SUP, the more stable it is making it good for beginners. As inflatable paddle boards get shorter or narrower, they become harder to paddle and are better suited to more advanced paddlers.

We have an inflatable paddle board for you

If you're a beginner or even an expert paddle boarder, we have an inflatable paddle board for you. Our inflatable SUPs are versatile enough for recreational paddling, SUP yoga, sup fishing, SUP surfing, and for paddling with your dogs and friends.

Check out our customer favorite Adventure Inflatable Paddle Board which has a pointed nose ideal for long-distance paddling, and a soft EVA traction pad suitable for pets and Yoga. Our Air Inflatable Paddle Board is the ideal entry level, 10'6/11'6 paddle board and is one of our best sellers.

The newest inflatable paddle boards added to our range are the Cuda Inflatable Paddle Board for kids and the Manta Ray Stand Up Paddle Board. Both are made with the same careful design and attention to detail that GILI is most recognized for. Both the Cuda and the Mako are the smallest inflatable paddle boards in our collection, built with smaller riders and kids in mind. The Manta Ray is a specialized multi-person inflatable paddle board, providing a huge weight limit capacity to take the party out on the water.

Complete SUP Accessory Kit included with every Inflatable Paddle Board

Did you know that you get everything you need to start paddling right away when you purchase a GILI inflatable paddle board? That’s right! All the SUP accessories you need to hit the water bundled together in an awesome package.

Included accessories with every GILI inflatable SUP:

  • Carrying backpack
  • 3-piece adjustable travel paddle
  • Coiled SUP leash
  • Dual action hand pump
  • Repair kit
  • Removable, snap-in fins

Having quality SUP accessories as part of your gear is essential. For the best inflatable paddle boards you need to be able to rely on the kit. We include accessories so we know that you have the best setup right from the beginning.

Still not convinced an inflatable paddle board is the way to go?

Check these articles out if you need more info on blow up paddle boards. If you've never stood on an inflatable sup board - you'll be pleasantly surprised when you do! They truly feel like a hard board under your feet.

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Every paddle board purchase helps save our oceans

A portion of your paddle board purchase helps save our oceans, coral reefs, and endangered sea creatures. Check out Our Mission for more information and discover how your new inflatable paddle board could help save our oceans.