Used Paddle Boards & Closeouts

Used Stand Up Paddle Boards for Sale

Are you looking for a quality, cheap stand up paddle board? Just because you're looking for a cheap paddle board, it doesn't mean you need to compromise quality for an affordable board

Closeout Deals from GILI

From time to time we offer closeout deals on new, old stock SUPS. Grab a SUP for over $100 off, and get the full warranty and a great SUP at an amazing price.

Closeout SUP Pricing starts as low as $350.00.

Availability: Limited quantities and supplies are limited

Grab a Used SUP from GILI at a Cheap Price

Bookmark this page if you're looking for a nice, used paddle board. We add used and preowned inventory at different times throughout the year. We check all of our used SUPs by hand - they are ready for the water. You may find some small scratches or blemishes, but they all float and perform well.

Used SUP Pricing starts as low as $299.95.

Availability: Limited quantities and supplies are limited

Why buy a Used Paddle Board

Itching for a new SUP but don't want to break the bank? These paddle boards will serve you well - almost as good as a new board. Save a few bucks by buying an open box board or a board with a small blemish.

If you're on a budget, there's nothing wrong with buying a used sup. All of our iSUPs are checked for durability and for leaks. Are used hard/epoxy SUPs are checked for leaks, dents, and dings.

Buy a Cheap Paddle Board Today

Here at GILI, you can call our boards anything but cheap. Sure, these are affordable, but they are high quality. Check over a hundred reviews - you may be able to buy a cheaper board, but you won't be able to buy a nicer one.

Used & Preowned Paddle Board Warranty

One Year Warranty on all preowned boards. No returns outside of our manufacturer's warranty.