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Used Paddle Boards

Used Stand Up Paddle Boards for Sale

Are you looking for a quality, used stand up paddle board? Just because you're looking for a cheap paddle board, it doesn't mean you need to compromise quality for an affordable board

Grab a Used SUP from GILI at a Cheap Price

Bookmark this page if you're looking for a nice, used paddle board. We add used and preowned inventory at different times throughout the year. We check all of our used SUPs by hand - they are ready for the water. You may find some small scratches or blemishes, but they all float and perform well.

Used SUP Pricing starts as low as $299.95.

Availability: Limited quantities and supplies are limited

Why buy a Used Paddle Board

Itching for a new SUP but don't want to break the bank? These paddle boards will serve you well - almost as good as a new board. Save a few bucks by buying an open box board or a board with a small blemish.

If you're on a budget, there's nothing wrong with buying a used sup. All of our iSUPs are checked for durability and for leaks. Are used hard/epoxy SUPs are checked for leaks, dents, and dings.

Buy a Cheap Paddle Board Today

Here at GILI, you can call our boards anything but cheap. Sure, these are affordable, but they are high quality. Check over a hundred reviews - you may be able to buy a cheaper board, but you won't be able to buy a nicer one.

Used & Preowned Paddle Board Warranty

One Year Warranty on all preowned boards. No returns outside of our manufacturer's warranty.