SUP to Kayak Conversion Kit

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Turn your SUP into a Kayak in seconds with our Kayak SUP Conversion Kit.

Compatible with all GILI Paddle Boards:

10'6 Air: Choose Aluminum
10'6 Komodo: Choose Fiberglass or Carbon Fiber
11'/12' Adventure: Choose Fiberglass or Carbon Fiber
10'6/11'6 Meno: Choose Carbon Fiber

Shaft Material

AVAILABLE AGAIN AUGUST 15. Orders will be processed in the order they are received, so don't wait!

Turn your paddle board into a kayak with this kit! Includes our Kayak Seat (with rear storage bag) and a kayak blade to turn your GILI SUP Paddle into a dual-bladed kayak paddle. The kayak blade can easily fit it in your SUP bag or in the cargo area of your board, allowing you to turn your SUP into a Kayak anywhere, any time.

All GILI Paddle Boards come with d-rings to accommodate the attachment of your GILI Kayak Seat. This bundled accessory option includes the Kayak Seat and Kayak blade attachment, no other parts or accessories needed!

Note: Kayak blades only come in gray.

• Easily Convert your SUP into a Kayak with Detachable Seat and Blade Kit
• Fits all GILI Paddle Boards - just choose your Paddle Type
All Kayak Seats come with a detachable storage bag
• Kayak seat features thick, cushioned neoprene material
• Adjustable straps & Durable Snap Hooks
• Installs on your GILI SUP in minutes
• Remove your T-Bar Handle and insert Kayak Blade

Note: Please be aware of your Paddle Shaft material when ordering:

10'6 Air: Aluminum Shaft
10'6 Komodo: Fiberglass or Carbon Fiber Shaft
11'/12' Adventure: Fiberglass or Carbon Fiber Shaft
10'6/11'6 Meno: Carbon Fiber Shaft

The GILI SUP to Conversion Kit is compatible with all GILI Paddle Boards.