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Paddleboard in winter

Have you ever thought about riding the chilly winter waves and exploring the serene beauty of snowy shores on your paddle board? Winter paddle boarding can be an exhilarating experience, but it's crucial to have the right gear that can withstand the winter elements. Let's delve into our top 10 product recommendations that will keep you safe, warm, and energized as you embark on your winter SUP adventures.

Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Boards

10'6 Komodo

gili komodo
A true all-rounder, the Komodo is as sturdy as they come. Its military-grade PVC material offers exceptional durability, allowing it to withstand icy water temperatures. The high-quality, non-slip EVA foam deck ensures stability even when you're bundled up in winter gear.

10'6/11'6 Meno

gili meno

The Meno series is an all-around performer with its fusion lite construction, providing the perfect balance of stability, buoyancy, and maneuverability. Its high-pressure inflation capacity makes it robust, giving you a hard-board feel even in frosty conditions.

12'6 Meno Touring

gili meno touring

If speed and efficiency are your goals, the Meno Touring is your go-to SUP. Its streamlined design cuts smoothly through icy water, while the increased thickness provides extra buoyancy, perfect for those winter lake tours.

Hard Stand-Up Paddle Boards

10'6 Tidal Wave Hard/Epoxy

gili epoxy

The Tidal Wave is a fantastic option if you prefer a hard board. Crafted from durable epoxy, it's designed to handle harsh weather conditions. Its superior glide over icy waters and impressive stability, make it perfect for winter paddle boarding.

Multi-Person and Kid-Friendly Paddle Boards

12'/15' Manta-Ray Multi-Person

gili manta

Want to make your winter SUP experience a shared one? The Manta Ray offers ample space for multiple riders. Its rugged construction and stability make it ideal for families or friends looking for collective fun on the water.

8'/9' Cuda for Kids

gili cuda

Kids shouldn't miss out on the winter paddleboarding fun. The Cuda is specially designed for the little ones with its smaller size and lightweight construction. It's durable, safe, and the perfect way to get kids on board with winter SUP adventures!

Essential 10 Paddle Board Accessories for this Winter


gili paddle

A quality paddle is as crucial as the board itself. Gili Sports offers adjustable, lightweight paddles made from carbon fiber or aluminum. They're easy to handle, even with gloved hands!


gili leash

A leash is a must-have for safety, especially during winter. It keeps you connected to your board in case of a fall.


gili sup bag

Protect your SUP from the harsh winter elements with a sturdy bag. Gili Sports' SUP bags are padded for extra protection and come with comfortable straps for easy transportation.

Electric Pump

gili electric pump

Inflating your SUP with a manual pump in the cold isn't ideal. An electric pump makes the task quicker and easier, leaving you more energy for paddling!


A good quality wetsuit can make a significant difference during winter paddleboarding. They are designed to keep you warm, even in cold water, and come in a variety of thicknesses to match different weather conditions.

Paddleboarding Gloves

These gloves are designed to keep your hands warm while retaining flexibility and grip, which is especially important when handling your paddle in colder conditions.

Safety Whistle

gili whistle

A safety whistle can be useful in case of emergencies. It can help attract attention when necessary, which can be crucial when paddleboarding during winter when fewer people might be around.

Board Grip Mat/Traction Pad

As the temperature drops, maintaining a grip on your board can become more challenging. A traction pad can provide the extra grip needed to maintain balance and control, making your winter paddleboarding experience safer and more enjoyable. All Gili Sports SUP boards have integrated traction deck pads. 

Neoprene Boots

Just like a wetsuit for your body, neoprene boots will keep your feet warm in cold water. They also provide extra grip on the board, which is beneficial when the board gets slippery.

Thermal Rash Guard or Jacket

When it's too cold for just a wetsuit, a thermal rash guard or jacket can provide that extra layer of warmth. They are also designed to allow mobility, which is crucial for paddleboarding.

Practical Tips for Winter Paddle Boarding

Paddleboarding in winter is unique, but remember to dress appropriately with a wetsuit or drysuit. Ensure your gear is in top condition before venturing out, and always inform someone of your paddling plan. As beautiful as winter SUP can be, it's crucial to prioritize safety first.

About Gili Sports

Gili Sports is your trusted partner in the realm of water sports, offering top-tier stand-up paddle boards (SUPs) and related accessories. Renowned for their commitment to producing high-quality, durable, and user-friendly products, they cater to everyone from beginners and experienced paddlers to kids and multi-person groups.

Their expansive range of offerings includes both inflatable and hard paddle boards, each thoughtfully designed to cater to various activities and skill levels. Gili Sports' inflatable SUPs include models like the 10'6 Komodo, 10’6 /11’6 Air, 10'6/11'6 Meno, 12'6 Meno Touring, 12'/15' Manta-Ray Multi-Person, 8'/9' Kuda for kids, 10’ Mako, and 11’ / 12’ Adventure. Their hard SUP lineup currently features the 10'6 Tidal Wave hard/epoxy SUP board.

However,  Gili Sports is more than just a manufacturer and retailer. The company is a veritable wealth of knowledge for anyone interested in paddleboarding. Their regularly updated blog offers valuable insights into various aspects of stand-up paddleboarding, location guides, product reviews, and 'how to' articles. This resource aims to help customers make informed decisions, improve their paddleboarding skills, and discover new locations to explore.

Moreover, Gili Sports also extends its commitment to the environment. For every paddleboard sold, the company pledges to donate a portion of the proceeds to various ocean-based conservation charities, demonstrating their deep-seated care for the world's waters.

In essence, Gili Sports is more than just a supplier of high-quality SUP gear. They are a trusted guide and companion for your paddleboarding journey, committed to helping you make the most out of your time on the water.


Winter paddle boarding can be the thrill you've been seeking this season. By equipping yourself with the right gear from Gili Sports, you can ensure you're ready for the icy waters ahead. Each product listed has been meticulously designed and built for durability, performance, and value. So, don your winter gear and ride the frosty waves with confidence!


🏆 Are Inflatable or Hard SUPs Better for Winter Paddleboarding?

Both can work well. Inflatable SUPs like the  Meno series from Gili Sports can withstand cold temperatures and offer excellent stability. Hard SUPs, like the Tidal Wave, provide great performance and durability. It comes down to personal preference and your specific needs.

👍 How Do You Maintain and Store Your Paddleboard In The Winter Months?

After each use, rinse your board with fresh water and dry it thoroughly before storing it. Avoid leaving it inflated when not in use. Gili Sports' SUP bags can offer protection during storage.

🏝️ Can Kids Also Enjoy Paddleboarding During Winter?

Absolutely! With the right equipment like the Cuda Kids board and appropriate safety measures, kids can also enjoy winter paddle boarding.

❓ What Are Some Tips For Staying Warm While Paddleboarding In The Winter?

Dress in layers using a wetsuit or dry suit. Wearing neoprene boots, gloves, and a hat can also help keep you warm. And remember, always prioritize safety!

📦 What Safety Gear Is Necessary For Winter Paddleboarding?

A leash is crucial as it keeps you attached to your board. Wearing a PFD (Personal Floatation Device) is also essential, along with appropriate clothing like a drysuit or wetsuit..

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