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Where to Paddle Board in Canada

Canada is a huge country with breathtaking vistas – there’s more to it than just insane mountains and wild moose. There are an astonishing 48 national parks, an abundance of peaceful lakes, and 3 great oceans to explore. That’s a lot of opportunities for watersports, outdoor activities, and magical adventures to be had.

The great outdoors is one of the best things about Canada. And trust us, while you’re cruising along on your SUP, there will be countless "awe-inspiring moments" to take your breath away.

Beginners and seasoned paddlers alike will find somewhere incredible to explore. So what are you waiting for? Grab your SUP and get out there! Canada is waiting. 

SUP Spots in Alberta

Alberta is famous for its wild and rugged landscapes. Head West for two of the world’s oldest national parks, Banff and Jasper. Despite being wild and remote, there are countless easily accessible spots to enjoy a stand up paddle boarding session. 

Moraine Lake

Man paddle boarding in moraine lake alberta

  • The Valley of the Ten Peaks
  • Iconic Canadian views

Let’s start off with the stunning Moraine Lake. If you’re looking for breathtaking panoramas and brilliant blue waters to paddle on, then this is the place to go!

Located right in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, Moraine Lake is one of the most photographed lakes in North America and possibly the best SUP location in Canada. You’ll be surrounded by snow-capped peaks and alpine landscapes sloping down to the lake's edge.

Also known as “The Valley of the Ten Peaks,” you’ll be sure to want to bring an action camera or a waterproof phone case to capture every angle of your paddle. This cruisey paddle spot is simply incredible.

Need some gear? You can rent excellent inflatable paddle boards from Adventure Hub. The rental season runs from late June until mid September, and covers the Banff National Park region. 

Lake Louise

Lake Louise banff, Alberta

  • Emerald waters and snow capped mountains
  • Popular tourist hotspot in Banff

Another must-visit destination in Canada – we promise Lake Louise will take your breath away. Emerald glacier waters light up the lake that is surrounded by snow capped mountains and sloping forests. 

Lake Louise tends to be one of the more popular tourist destinations in the Banff region, and it’s no secret why. Paddle boarders want to plan their trip around June to September, by then, the ice should have melted and rental places will open for canoe, kayaks, and paddle boards.

Maligne Lake, Jasper National Park

Clearwater maligne lake jasper national park

Maligne Lake in Jasper National Park is one of the best beginner friendly paddle boarding locations in Canada. 

Enjoy these calm waters and scenic views while learning how to paddle board. It’s also a fantastic location for trying SUP yoga and testing your balance skills.

Bow River

Bow river alberta

  • Urban spot in the heart of Calgary 
  • Fun river paddling

Bow River flows through Calgary and is a popular urban paddling spot for kayakers and paddle boarders. Being a river means the water is moving and can get technical in places. Because of this, this spot is not recommended for complete beginners.

It’s a requirement to wear a PFD life jacket while paddling the river, and there are several launch points along the paddle route. You need to coordinate a drop off or pick up, or perhaps two cars with your buddies, for your session as you paddle downstream.

Just be wary of the hazards that come with river paddle boarding. From moving water to shallow water, you need to stay vigilant to paddle safely. Another top tip is to swap your fins over for smaller 3” river fins to avoid catching on rocks.

Peyto Lake

Peyto lake banff alberta

  • Hiking trails with spectacular views
  • Off the beaten path spot

Just a glimpse of Peyto Lake’s turquoise waters and insane mountain backdrop is enough to leave you mesmerized. Now imagine being surrounded by it! 

Peyto Lake is around 25 miles (40 km) north of Lake Louise in Banff National Park. The vibrant blue glacier-fed lake is a popular tourist destination offering hiking trails with spectacular views of the Candian Rockies.

You’ll need to bring your own SUP gear here and be prepared to hike from the parking lot to the water. We recommend an inflatable paddle board, like the GILI Adventure 11’ SUP. An iSUP can be packed up into a reliable SUP backpack and taken anywhere! 

Where To Rent Paddle Boards In Banff, Alberta

Check out The Banff Canoe Club for top quality SUP rental at competitive prices. They are located right on Bow River, and include life jackets in the rental cost. You can also join one of their adrenaline-fueled adventures on the land or complete river tours that explore more of what the region offers. 

Stand Up Paddle Board British Columbia

Beautiful BC touches the heart of outdoor enthusiasts. With the Pacific Ocean to the west and the mountains surrounding it, it’s safe to say that British Columbia offers some truly amazing paddle boarding locations.

Haida Gwaii

Haida gwaii BC

  • Incredible wildlife 
  • Great for beginners

One for the wildlife lovers! Haida Gwaii is an archipelago off the west coast of BC, offering diverse ecosystems in dramatic landscapes. Here, you’ll be able to see orcas, grey whales, seals, sea lions, and porpoises (in the right seasons) along with other incredible wildlife.

Due to the remoteness of this location, it’s best to have some degree of paddle boarding experience before setting off. Beginners can aim to nail their skills in preparation for ticking off this destination! 

If you don’t have your own stand up paddle board, head over to Green Coast Kayaking for excellent rental deals, including wetsuit and PFD. You can rent the SUP for multiple days if you plan on taking on the extreme adventure of Haida Gwaii.

Kalamalka Lake

two man canoeing at kalamalka lake BC

  • The Lake of a Thousand Colors
  • SUP rental available nearby

Also known as ‘The Lake of a Thousand Colors’ due to the cyan to indigo waters, Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park offers a great opportunity for day trips from Vernon or Kelowna. With a choice of beaches and coves to explore, you’ll be spoilt for choice paddle boarding here.

Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park is a perfect place to SUP no matter where your experience level is. Both beginners and experienced paddlers alike will enjoy the breathtaking views and stunning waters.

Kalavida Surf Shop is a great place to grab some SUP gear if you don’t have your own stand up paddle board yet. They have a full range of SUPs to choose from, including all around SUPs, touring SUPs, and kids paddle boards.

Jericho Beach, Vancouver

Jericho beach vancouver BC
  • Calm and flat waters
  • Great for beginners

If you’re looking for a spot to learn how to paddle board, there is nowhere better than Jericho Beach, Vancouver. This beach is easy to access, so you don’t have to go trekking with your gear. 

The water is generally calm and flat. While you paddle, you’ll have some of the best views over the coastal cityscape as well! Our top tip, head here for a sunset paddle for something truly spectacular.

Deep Cove

Canoe at deep cove central vancouver

  • Central Vancouver location
  • Something for everyone no matter the experience level

Deep Cove is very close to downtown Vancouver, yet it feels like you’ve escaped to another world when you’re there! There are plenty of launch sites around, but the most popular spot to hit the water with your SUP is nearby the kayak center – try not to get in the way of the rental space.

If you want a spot for a weekend adventure getaway, then Deep Cove is the best place in BC. These waters are perfect for a group adventure or even a paddle board with your dog! There are several routes in Deep Cove to explore by paddle board including:

  • Jug Island and Bedwell Bay, great to take a picnic for a mid-paddle stop
  • Boulder Island and Grey Rocks Island, an excellent short distance paddle
  • Cates Park, perfect for the more experienced paddler

Discover Ontario by SUP

Offering both the cosmopolitan capital and wild nature, Ontario is beaming with dreamy places to discover by paddle board. You can expect similarities to paddle boarding Michigan as they share the same Great Lakes.

Lake Superior Provincial Park

lake superior ontario canada
  • Easy to access
  • Great for a camping weekend

Lake Superior Provincial Park is one of the best State Parks in Ontario. It’s easily accessible and offers a true variety of camping, hiking, and watery opportunities. 

Sinclair Cove to Agawa Rock is a popular paddling route. Here you’ll be able to discover the pictographs of the Ojibwe indigenous people, a huge point of cultural significance for Canada. 

Due to the sheer size of this Provincial Park, you’re almost guaranteed to have a peaceful experience. So if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of life in Ontario, then this is the place to go.

Bruce Peninsula National Park

Man overviewing bruce peninsula canada
  • A UNESCO world heritage site
  • Guided tours available

As part of the UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, Bruce Peninsula National Park is definitely one to add to your paddle board travel wishlist. There is an abundance of beautiful nooks and crannies to paddle board. The dramatic landscapes are paired with alluring Caribbean-colored waters. 

Head over to Fathom Paddle Guiding, located in Georgian Bay, for SUP lessons and awesome guided tours around this National Park.

Sleeping Giant Provincial Park

Diverse landscape sleeping giant provincial park canada
  • Fantastic hiking opportunities
  • Picturesque beaches

Want to combine your love for hiking and paddle boarding? Well, this is the place! Sleeping Giant Provincial Park has an incredibly diverse landscape and wildlife that you can fully immerse yourself in by escaping for a week in a cabin. You’re liking to spot a moose or a bear roaming the shorelines as well! 

For some of the best paddling, head to the Sibley Peninsula. Here you’ll be able to explore the best of Sleeping Giant Park and Thunder Bay. Both these spots offer fantastic beaches and picturesque waters with some stunning sunset views. 

There is a range of water sports stores in the area that you will be able to rent SUP gear from.

Paddle Boarding in Quebec

Quebec is part of Canada but can feel like a whole world away. Embrace the locality of the region as it takes on a new language, identifying with both North American and European roots. And with over 130,000 rivers, it’s no wonder that this province is superb for paddle boarding adventures. 

Lake Manicouagan

Crystal clear water lake manicouagan Quebec canada

Lake Manicouagan is a naturally occurring reservoir that boasts calm waters and stunning views. The lake is surrounded by unusual rock formations dating back 200 million years!

This is off grid paddling territory, so despite the calm waters, we recommend only experienced paddle boarders take on this spot just in case.

This lake is one of the best places for wild Atlantic salmon. Why not give SUP fishing a try? Catch and grill your fish for a truly wild experience. Make sure you acquire any fishing permits for the area beforehand. 

Havre Saint Pierre, Côte-Nord

Boat dock at Havre Saint Pierre Quebec canada
  • Paddle board with whales
  • Great for long expeditions

Want to paddle the same waters as whales and seals? Head up to Havre Saint Pierre on the northern coast of Quebec. Trust us, the 11-hour drive from Montreal is totally worth it. 

If you haven’t got the means to transport your own board, don’t worry! Check out Les Vagues for top quality SUP rental and paddle board lessons. You could even join one of their incredible guided expeditions for a full day of discovery.

Îles de Boucherville, Rive-Sud

Overlooking view of Iles de Bouchervile canada
  • Close to Montreal
  • Easily accessed

Perhaps you want to keep your paddle boarding more local. Check out Îles de Boucherville on the south shore of Montreal. This six islands national park is accessed easily from Highway 25 making it an ideal place to wind down after work. 

Paddle Board Nova Scotia and Beyond

Canada doesn’t stop giving there. The sea influences Nova Scotia’s wild coastline. With hard winter swells, it’s best to venture to these coastal destinations in the summer months for the best paddle boarding conditions.

Peggy’s Cove

Lighthouse at Peggy's Cove canada
  • Iconic lighthouse backdrop
  • Hiking trails to explore

Most Nova Scotia adventures begin around Halifax Peggy’s Cove sits on the eastern shore. Here you can paddle alongside the most photographed lighthouse in Nova Scotia and soak up the rich maritime history.

There are hiking trails between Peggy’s Cove and West Dover that offer spectacular views from the cliffs.

South Nahanni River

Paddle boarder in south Nahanni river Canada
  • Waterfalls to explore
  • Paddling mecca region

South Nahanni River is one of the meccas within the paddling world. Flowing through Canada’s deepest canyon, this river offers some of the most spectacular views and experiences possible. 

As you paddle Canada’s ‘Grand Canyon’, you’ll discover the breathtaking Virginia Waterfall (twice the height of Niagara) cascading into the same waters. The stunning wildlife will leave you lost for words. Without a doubt, this far northern territory is an experience of a lifetime.

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🏆 Where can I go paddle boarding in Ontario?

Ontario has some of the best Provincial Park and National Park water spaces in Canada. Lake Superior and Sleeping Giant Provincial Park are great places to explore by paddle board. If you want to see somewhere truly special in Ontario, check out Bruce Peninsula National Park for some incredible scenery.

👍 Where can you paddle board in Alberta?

Alberta is full of amazing places to explore by paddle board. Moraine Lake is one of the most incredible places in the whole of Canada and is a truly magical place to paddle board. More experienced paddlers can enjoy taking on Bow River through Calgary for a fun challenge.

🏝️ Can you paddle board on Lake Louise?

Paddle boarding at Lake Louise is possible. There are various launch sites around the lake for you to easily access the water. Make sure you pack your camera to capture the most spectacular views of Canada and Banff National Park.

❓ Where is the best beginner paddle boarding spot in Canada?

Maligne Lake in Jasper National Park is the best beginner paddle boarding spot in Canada. Here, the waters are calm and offer perfect conditions to master the basics of paddling.

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