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Discovering Seychelles: A SUP Paradise

Seychelles Island

Have you ever dreamt of paddle boarding turquoise waters and white sandy shores? If so, then you need to check out the Seychelles for a tropical stand up paddle board escape! A group of 115 islands that seem to be painted by the hand of the Gods. 

The pristine waters, diverse marine life, and tranquil landscapes make it a paddle boarder's perfect destination. Whether you’re a seasoned paddler or just beginning your SUP journey, there's a slice of heaven awaiting you in this paradise. But where to begin? Let's plunge deeper into the perplexities of Seychelles and its paddle-boarding offerings.

The Seychelles archipelago, nestled in the Indian Ocean, beckons with its vast, azure waters. Each island possesses a distinct charm and set of challenges for paddle boarders, promising an experience that's both exhilarating and profound. From yoga paddle boards to touring paddle boards, there is something for everyone on these islands.

Mahe Island

Yacht harbor in Eden Island, Mahe, Seychelles

Where rhythmic waves meet paddle boarder's dreams. Mahe is the largest island of the Seychelles. There is an intricate coastline to explore along with a bustling SUP community to share the experience with. Beau Vallon Beach is the best place to head with your stand-up paddle board. The bay’s clear waters, gentle waves, and expansive coastline make it a favorite spot not just for paddleboard enthusiasts but also for swimmers and snorkelers.

The island's captivating bays and coves invite explorers to weave in and out, discovering something new at every turn. Mahe's waters are a mixed bag. At times, they offer a gentle embrace, while at others, they challenge with their rhythmic waves. While beginners might want to stick to the calmer mornings, experienced paddlers can revel in the afternoon tide play.

The ideal paddle board for Mahe waters is versatile all arounder, like the 10'6 Komodo. This versatile gem of a stand up paddle board can match Mahe's diverse challenges, and give you a perfect platform for SUP yoga or snorkeling adventures.

Praslin Island

Top view of Praslin Island, Seychelles

Seychelle’s hidden gem for paddle boarding. Praslin Island is less touched by tourism and boasts spots that feel almost ethereal. Here, the coral reefs are pristine, and the vegetation is lush. As you glide over clear waters, you will get to peacefully witness nature in its most intimate form.

Marine life thrives here, and with each stroke, you will see it burst to life. Paddle boarders often share their journey with curious fish, and if lucky, a sea turtle or two. The dry season offers clearer waters while the wet season has its charm with fewer tourists and a deeper connection to nature.

Praslin is also home to the Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage site. While this ancient palm forest is on land, the overall conservation ethos of the island is reflected in its marine environments as well. 

Sharing these adventures with your loved ones is a unique experience not to be missed. Our 12'/15' Manta Ray Multi-Person is perfect for group adventures with family or friends in this heaven on Earth.

La Digue

La Digue, Seychelles

The island where time stands still. La Digue moves at its own pace. Known for its calm and tranquil waters, this island offers a peaceful environment to find your paddle-boarding balance. The protected bays and lagoons are an ideal backdrop for SUP yoga sessions. To take your yoga practice on the water you need a stable board like the 10'6/11'6 Meno.

The island's coastline is a mesmerizing mix of granite boulders, white sandy beaches, and lush greenery. Paddleboarding gives you a front-row seat to these picturesque landscapes, whether you're coasting by the iconic Anse Source d'Argent or exploring lesser-known nooks.

While La Digue is popular among SUP yoga enthusiasts, it is also fantastic for beginners to get to grips with the basic techniques. The island's calm waters are welcoming, and the local SUP community is warm and encouraging. It is not uncommon for impromptu SUP yoga classes to take place, uniting paddlers from across the globe all visiting this beautiful destination.

Silhouette Island

Silhouette Island, Seychelles

Where SUP adventures await. Silhouette Island offers mysteries waiting to be unraveled around every corner. From hidden caves to dense marine forests, every paddle stroke brings a new discovery.

Navigating Silhouette's waters demands respect and caution. The challenges lie in the unknown, but so does the thrill. With every challenge, the island rewards with an uncharted wonder.

Anse La Passe is the primary beachfront of the island and the location of the main resort. From here you can paddle on a protected beach on calm waters. The clarity of the water also means you can observe marine life beneath you as you paddle. There are plenty of amenities and facilities around, including equipment rentals if you don't bring your own paddle board on vacation.

Sunset paddle boarding is the best time to go out at Anse La Passe. Paddling during this time offers an unforgettable experience as the sky transforms into a canvas of oranges, pinks, and purples. You will definitely want a touring paddle board, like the 12'6 Meno Touring, for these discovery-filled journeys.

Cousin Island

Cousin Island, Seychelles

A window to the mysterious world below. Cousin Island is a unique gem within the Seychelles archipelago. It's not just another picturesque island; it's a Special Reserve teeming with marine life and is primarily focused on conservation. Glide gently and serenely, for beneath your stand-up paddle board is a world bursting with colors and movement. This is nature's theater! 

The island's dedication to preserving its ecosystems makes it an exquisite destination for nature lovers and eco-tourists. When it comes to paddle boarding, however, the opportunities are somewhat limited due to the island's protected status. Still, there's a chance to enjoy this sport while respecting the environment. Paddleboarders here have a responsibility—to enjoy without disturbing. Cousin Island teaches the lesson of coexistence, where humans can enjoy nature's bounty without leaving a footprint.

The Main Beach on Cousin Island is the primary access point for visitors and is where boats anchor. It's the most suitable place on the island for paddle boarding. Given the island's status as a Special Reserve, activities are monitored to ensure minimal disturbance to the environment. The Main Beach area is designated for such water sports activities, making it the go-to spot for paddle boarding.

To protect the delicate ecosystems, many activities on Cousin Island, including paddle boarding, are often accompanied by guided tours. These tours not only ensure the environment is respected but also provide paddleboarders with insights into the island's unique biodiversity.

Wrap Up

Seychelles is not just a destination—it's a journey. A journey that takes you deeper into the wonders of the ocean and the intricacies of paddle boarding. Every island, every wave, and every ripple has a story to tell. 

As you stand on your board, paddle in hand, and look into the vastness, remember: this is a conversation between you and the ocean. So, are you ready to talk?

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🏆 Which is the best season to paddle board in Seychelles?

The Seychelles boasts a tropical climate, which means it's relatively warm and inviting all year round. However, when it comes to paddle boarding, the best season largely depends on the sea conditions. The dry season, from April to October, offers the best winds and typically calm seas. You can also expect warm temperatures and clear skies. Water clarity is also at its peak during these months.

👍 Are there local SUP communities or groups in Seychelles I can join?

Yes, the Seychelles, being a hotspot for water sports and activities, has seen a growing interest in stand-up paddle boarding over the years. While it may not have massive SUP communities as seen in some larger countries, there are local enthusiasts and groups that cater to the paddle-boarding community. 

Many of the Seychelles' beachfront resorts offer SUP rentals and organized group activities. Even if you're not staying at one of these resorts, their water sports centers can be a good starting point to inquire about local SUP groups or meet fellow enthusiasts.

🏝️ Which paddle board is best suited for beginners in Seychelles waters?

Seychelles waters are typically calm, making it an ideal place for beginners to learn how to paddle board. However, it is still open ocean which can bring a variety of water conditions, so a versatile paddle board is best for this destination. We recommend something like the 10'6 Komodo for its versatility and suitability for beginners.

❓ How can I ensure eco-friendly paddle boarding in marine reserves?

Eco-friendly paddle boarding, especially in marine reserves, is not just about ensuring your own safety but also about minimizing the environmental impact on these sensitive ecosystems. There are several ways you can ensure eco-friendly paddling. Firstly, respect marine life and avoid anchoring on corals. Always ensure you don't leave any waste behind and use reef-friendly sunblock.

📦 Are there specific regulations or permits needed for paddle boarding in Seychelles?

Currently, Seychelles does not have a specific nationwide permit or regulation solely for recreational paddle boarding. However, there are general regulations and considerations that paddle boarders should be aware of. Some areas, especially marine national parks or reserves, have strict regulations to protect the ecosystem. Activities in these areas may require permits or may have certain restrictions. Always check with local authorities or marine park offices before paddle boarding in these areas.

It's always best to check with local authorities, especially when paddle boarding near marine reserves.

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