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Pedal Fishing Kayaks

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Pedal Drive Fishing Kayaks

Moving towards hands-free paddling is a game changer for kayak fishing. Any keen angler would agree, having your hands ready to take up a rod is crucial to successfully pulling in that giant fish So how do you free up your hands when on your fishing kayak?

Introducing pedal drive fishing kayaks! One of the most exciting ways to fish. The best sit in fishing kayaks need to give you the option to go hands free!

What Are Fishing Pedal Kayaks?

Pedal kayaks make some of the best fishing kayaks that have been specialized with a propulsion system that allows the paddler to use leg power instead of arm power. Pedals drive either a propeller or a fin to move the kayak forward. They also have levers to navigate and direct the kayak.

Fishing pedal kayaks are designed with keen anglers in mind. Getting one of these boats is one of the top kayak fishing tips we have to offer.

Different Types of Fishing Pedal Kayaks

Fin Drive

  • Push and pull water to propel forwards
  • Can go in shallow waters
  • Fins can be flattened to the hull
  • Some can be put into reverse

Propeller Drive

  • Circular ‘bicycle’ motion to propel forwards
  • Great in deep waters to give speed
  • Must be removed to go into shallow water
  • Instantly can be out in reverse – great when chasing fish

Pedal Drive Fishing Kayak vs Paddle Drive Fishing Kayak

The alternative to a pedal drive fishing kayak is a traditional paddle kayak. Paddle kayaks are great for beginners to learn how to control a boat, giving them the sensation of using their body weight to turn with the assistance of a paddle. For more tips, check out our beginner's guide to kayaking for expert advice.

However, this isn’t ideal when you want to be using a fishing rod at the same time because your hands will already be using the paddle!

While pedal drive fishing kayaks can take some getting used to, they are significantly better for those fishing days than the alternatives, like inflatable kayaks.