GILI Electric ISUP Pump Manual

GILI electric pump for iSUP board

Please read the operating instructions below before using this product.


The GILI 12V Electric Pump Manual is an intelligent pump with a preset pressure LCD screen. It is perfectly designed to inflate our SUPs in a matter of minutes. Thanks to the intelligent pressure system, the pump will automatically stop inflating once it reaches the preset pressure value.


Please make sure that the following items are in the box before using the pump. If anything is missing, please contact our customer support.

GILI paddle board electric pump teal
GILI electric pump hose GILI electric pump instruction manual


GILI electric paddle board pump parts
 1 - Inflation inlet 4 - Pressure valve LCD screen 7 - Pressure decrease button 10 - Air tap
2 - Deflation inlet 5 - Pressure unit toggle button 8 - On/off button 11 - Flexible conduit adaptor
3 - DC plug 6 - Pressure increase button 9 - Pump hose

Safety Instructions and Precautions

  • Make sure you use a 12V power supply to avoid damaging the pump.
  • In order to reduce the risk of injury, please keep children away from the pump and wires. We do not recommend children under the age of 13 using the pump without adult supervision.
  • This product is not applicable for persons with declining physical strength, sensory ability, or mental capacity.
  • Check that the electric pump is unplugged before moving, repairing, or adjusting any parts of the product.
  • If the power wire or any of the pump parts are damaged upon receipt of the product, please report it immediately to our customer support. 
  • If you are standing on water or if your hands or feet are wet, DO NOT plug or unplug the electric pump. 
  • Before inflating, please check the recommended PSI of the inflatable product to minimize the risk of damaging the inflatable.
  • Before using, please check the cigarette lighter socket to make sure that there is no rust or residue inside. A cigarette lighter socket with poor electric conduction may cause overheating of the pump or its power source, or may not work at all.
  • Ensure that the inflation inlet (1) or deflation inlet (2) is not blocked and is free from any debris.
  • Observe the local waste treatment provisions in your area, as it is not allowed to throw away the air pump randomly.
  • Don’t use this product when the hose is damaged. Please change the hose immediately.
  • Don’t pull out the hose while inflating to avoid any physical injury. 
  • Don’t use the air pump continuously for more than 20 minutes so as not to overheat the motor and cause internal damage. Cool off the pump for 30 minutes before using it again.
  • This product shall not be exposed to rain or immersed in water.
  • In order to prevent risk, do not face the inflation inlet towards your face or body.
  • Don’t leave the pump unattended while inflating.
  • The purpose of using this product is limited to the description in the instruction manual.


    1. Connect the end with the flexible conduit adaptor (11) of the hose with the air pump inflation inlet (1). Twist clockwise to tighten it. 
    2. Install the other end of the hose into the supporting air tap of the airbag. Twist clockwise to tighten it. Then insert in the inflation valve of the air bag and twist clockwise to lock it.  If pumping a SUP, make sure the SUP valve is in the upright (inflate) position.
    3. Plug the pump into a 12V power supply (cigarette lighter).
    4. Press the pressure unit toggle button (5) to select the unit you need (PSI is recommended).
    5. Press the Pressure increase (+)  button (6) or pressure decrease (-) button (7) to set the pressure value you need. The range of the pressure value is from 0 to 20PSI. Check the recommended PSI on your inflatable to set the desired value.
    6. Press the power button (8) to start inflating. 

- During the inflating process, you can press the Pressure increase button (6) or Pressure decrease button (7) to increase or decrease the pressure value. Press the pressure unit toggle button (5) to switch the unit. Press the power switch button (8) to stop.

  1. When the pressure reaches the pre-set value, the air pump will automatically stop at the set value.
  2. After completing the inflation process, pull out the plug from the power supply. Next, remove the hose valve from the sup valve. 
  3. After pulling out the DC plug, please take down the hose from the air pump and store it safely.


- On first use, the default pressure value of the air pump is 10 PSI. On the next use, the set pressure value from last usage will be displayed by default.

- The air pump will enter standby mode if it has been idle for 2 minutes. You can initiate the pump again by pressing the power button.


  1. Connect the end with the flexible conduit adaptor (11) of the hose with the air pump deflation outlet (2). Twist clockwise to tighten it. 
  2. Install the other end of the hose to the airbag. 
  3. Make sure the air pump is plugged into a 12V power supply.
  4. Press the power switch button (8) of the air pump, and start the deflation until all the air is discharged. 
  5. Turn off the power to stop the deflation.
  6. This is not necessary with deflating SUPs as they self-deflate when pressing down the air valve. However, if you want to expedite the deflation, you can use this feature as well.


The air pump doesn't start normally.
  1. The power source is not plugged in properly.
  2. The plug fuse is burnt out.
  3. Overheat or overload can cause the motor to malfunction.
  1. Make sure that the power wire is plugged into a 12V supply.
  2. Change the fuse.
  3. Cool the motor and restart it.
  4. If the problem remains unsolved, you can contact customer support.
Slow or abnormal inflation or deflation.
  1. The hose might be blocked or cracked.
  2. The joint between the hose and the air pump or airbag is not installed properly or is not tight. Make sure all connections are air tight.
  1. Turn off the pump, unplug and remove the hose. Check if there is any blockage and remove it. Check if there are any cracks on the hose. 
  2. Remove and reinstall the hose tightly.
  3. If the problem remains unsolved, you can contact customer support.


  • After using, always pull out the power wire from the socket. 
  • Ensure that the pump is cooled off completely before storing. 
  • It shall not be exposed to direct sunlight, rain, or immersed in water.
  • Keep it in dry and well-ventilated storage.


1-year warranty from the date of purchase against abnormal defects in materials and workmanship. The warranty does not cover damage or defects resulting from improper storage, misuse, or improper handling.