Recall FAQs

Will my replacement board be covered by warranty?

Yes, the warranty period will continue from your date of original purchase and extended warranties that were purchased will still apply.

My board's serial number is 7 digits, is it part of the recall?

No, boards with a 7 digit serial number are not part of the recall.

Why are some GILI boards recalled and some not?

The boards we recalled were produced during a short period of time when our factory used a different glue during construction. A small percentage of these boards have split at the seams while inflating or while sitting on land after inflation, generally in hot temperatures. Boards produced outside of this window are not subject to this issue when stored and handled properly.

What is GILI doing differently to prevent this from happening with my replacement board?

Our factory is fully aware of the issue that forced the recall, and we have made changes and conducted tests for our boards going forward.

I have more than one GILI Paddle Board.  How do I check a second board to see if it qualifies for the recall?

You can check additional boards on the same web page by inputting their respective serial numbers.

Why do I have to cut-out the fin box with the serial number?

The United States Coast Guard requires that all recall boards be destroyed.  This is the quickest and most effective way to confirm your board is destroyed and the serial number is confirmed without mailing the board back to us.  You are welcome to mail the board back to us at your own expense to confirm the serial number. We will properly destroy and dispose of the board.

How do I dispose of my old board?

Unfortunately the material used to make inflatable SUPs (PVC) is not fully recyclable.  We recommend disposing of your board with bulk trash or with your regular trash pick-up.

I prefer to keep my board “as is” and not claim it for the recall.  

We cannot require you to submit your board for the recall.  However, we will need you to confirm this in the space provided on the form which states you do not want to participate in the recall.

When will I get my replacement board?

Within the next 30-90 days.

Is there a time limit to respond to the recall offer?

No. However, we would like for you to have your board as soon as possible, so the faster you submit the quicker you will receive your replacement board.

Do I need to return my board’s accessories to you?

No. We are only replacing your paddle board. You will need to keep your accessories and fins.

Will I get the same color board?

In most cases, yes. However, we are no longer carrying the Sand color with our Meno boards.  These will be replaced with Camo, unless a different color is requested.

I didn’t receive an email or a letter regarding the recall. Is my board(s) part of the recall?

We recommend checking your board via our submit a claim page to be certain.

What if I gave my board away or sold it?

In the event your board was given away or sold to an individual you can’t locate, unfortunately there is nothing that can be done. However, if you are able to contact the new owner, please share this information and they can submit a claim if necessary.