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SUP Locks

Paddle board straps on a car using a liedown strap

Paddle boards aren’t cheap, and like most investments in our lives, we want to keep them safe. Sadly, the world is filled with people who steal, and your shiny paddle board that is sat on top of your roof being kept in place by some easy to open tie-down straps is an absolute gold mine. 

Luckily for the paddling community, paddle board (and kayak!) locks were invented. In our opinion, it is better to be safe than sorry, and that’s why we’ve compiled 5 of the best paddle board locks on the market to keep your boards safe and in the possession of their rightful owners. 

Why Paddle Board Locks Are Important

Before we get into the best paddle board locks, let’s first explain why they are important.

It’s common knowledge that things in life get stolen, especially when they are as appealing as a paddle board. I mean, who can really blame them? Paddle boards are great. 

Although we want everyone to enjoy the sport of SUPing, because, let’s be honest, it is the best sport in the world, and we don’t want people taking boards that don’t belong to them. That’s where a paddle board lock comes in. 

Regular tie-down straps will securely keep your board in place while driving from A to B, but if you happen to pop into a shop, or stop for any other reason, your boards are an easy target for thieves. All it would take is a quick loosen of the buckle, and your board could be pulled right off your roof rack in a matter of seconds. 

Locked straps, however, eliminate this issue completely, as the only person who can unlock the locking system is the person in possession of the key or number combination. 

Paddle board locks essentially give you the peace of mind that even if you enter a shop for a few minutes, your boards won’t be going anywhere. 

The same goes with rack systems at your home or dock. The straps can be wrapped around your board and rack and locked into place, preventing anyone from stealing your SUPs or kayaks.

5 Paddle Board Locks

Now we’ve covered why paddle board locks are so important, let’s get into 5 of the best paddle locking systems. 

Onefeng Sports Tie Down Straps

The next anti-theft security system to make our list is the Onefeng Sports Tie Down Straps which follows a similar concept to Legacy’s straps.

Onefeng’s straps, however, come only in a 10 foot length. The straps feature stainless steel braided cables that are uncuttable with a knife and a magic sticker that you can use to store the straps when they aren’t in use. 

The silicone buckle SUP locking system doesn’t damage your car, and the locks can be opened with separate keys.

Onefeng sports lockable tie down strap with stainless steel cables

Where to buy:

Features & Specs:

  • Integrated lock system
  • Two separate keys
  • Available in a 10 foot length
  • Stainless steel core
  • Rubberized buckle

HSCCGI Sports Tie Down Straps

The integrated SUP lock systems are obviously a favorite amongst the paddling community as we have another tie-down strap lock system on our list. The HSCCGI Sports Tie Down Straps come in a 10 foot or 15 foot length and also feature 3 stainless steel braided cables.

The rubber-covered lock not only prevents damage to your car and board but also minimizes noise while driving at high speeds. When purchasing the straps you’ll receive a separate key for each individual strap within the lock package.

HSCCGI Sports lockable tie down strap

Where to buy:

Features & Specs:

  • Integrated lock system
  • Two separate keys
  • Available in a 10 foot or 15 foot length
  • Stainless steel core
  • Rubberized buckle

Seattle Sports Cradle Cable Lock

The Seattle Sports Cradle Cable Lock is a slightly different locking device style and is similar to what you would use to lock your bike to a bike rack. 

Each cable is 20 feet long and made from vinyl sheathed 6mm galvanized steel to protect it against corrosion and to prevent damage to your SUP or vehicle. 

Seattle sports cradle cable lock for paddle boards

Where to buy:

Features & Specs:

  • Integrated lock system
  • Two separate keys
  • Available in a 20 foot length
  • Made from vinyl sheathed 6mm galvanized steel

Vamo Premium Locking Tie Down Straps

The next locking system to make our list is the Vamo Premium Locking Tie Down Straps with an integrated lock in the straps buckle section.

Vamo created a 10 foot or 14 foot long stainless steel core strap to prevent the possibility of thieves cutting through the straps and to also make them corrosion-resistant against the outdoor elements. 

Installation of the Vamo straps is no different from regular roof rack straps, just with the added security of a lock system at the buckle. The buckle is even coated with silicone to prevent damage to your car’s paint.

VAMO premium locking tie downs

Where to buy:

Features & Specs:

  • Integrated lock system
  • Two separate keys
  • Available in a 10 or 14 foot length
  • Stainless steel core 
  • Silicone coated buckle

DocksLocks SUP Lock

The DocksLocks SUP Lock is another bike lock-inspired SUP lock that is made from marine-grade stainless steel coated in vinyl to provide protection to your boards and vehicle. 

Unlike the other locks we’ve mentioned today, the DocksLocks locking device uses a number combination to lock and unlock the cable.

For added security, DocksLocks created a Jaws Anti Theft Security Lock, which is a patented locking device designed to lock onto the leash plug or fin box of your SUP. The lock attaches to the cable and requires you to remove the lock from the cable to release the board. 

DockLocks also have a paddle lock that is compatible with the cable system. The aluminum paddle lock is rust-resistant, attaches to the cable and can only be opened once removed. Neoprene padding on the inside of the lock will protect your paddle from damage and will fit paddles with a diameter of 1.5”.

Blue round Dockslocks weatherproof coiled security cable

Where to buy:

Features & Specs:

  • Integrated combination lock system
  • Available in a 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25 foot length
  • Made from marine grade stainless steel with a vinyl coating
  • Compatible with DocksLocks Jaws Anti Theft Security Lock
  • Compatible with DocksLocks Paddle Lock


🏆 How do I lock up my paddle board?

Paddle board locks are essentially tie-down straps or cables with locking features. Think of a bicycle lock, but significantly longer. 

To lock your paddle board in place, you can wrap the straps around your car roof rack, or any rack for that matter, and tie them in place like you usually would with normal straps or cables. The only difference is there will be a locking mechanism to connect the straps, usually a combination lock or a lock with a key. 

👍 How do you lock a paddle board to a roof rack?

To lock a paddle board to a roof rack, you first need to place the board on the rack as you usually would. As locking straps aren’t much different from regular tie-down straps, the steps for placing them on are the same. 

Wrap the straps around the crossbar arms, secure the strap into the buckle, and tighten. As the straps you’re using have a locking device, you’ll either need to lock the board in place with a key or create a code for the combination lock that came included. 

We’ve gone into more detail about how to tie down a board to a roof rack in our article How to Strap Your Stand Up Paddle Board to Your Car.

🏝️ Can paddle boards go through locks?

You can purchase paddle board straps with locking mechanisms that can lock multiple boards in place on your roof rack or at home rack. You would use these straps in the same way as you would with regular tie-down straps, just locking it in place at the end.

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