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February 10, 2021 14 min read

Paddle board wall racks are essential to keep your inflatable paddle board or hard SUP in good working order and free from unwanted damage. Storing them on the floor or propping it up in the yard isn’t the answer and will affect the longevity of your stand up paddle board quicker than you think.

The damage will be evident without proper storage. The weather, floor surface, and inadequate space all play their part in damaging paddleboards.

The way to avoid this is with proper storage.

A reliable board rack and storage solution for your SUP is a crucial decision to make and vital in keeping them in good working order.  

Picking out the best paddle board wall racks on the other hand can be a bit overwhelming, but fear not, with our expert help, you'll have the best SUP rack in no time.

In this article, I’m going to share with you some of the best SUP racks money can buy. I will provide you with the pros and cons for each one and answer the questions you have concerning mounts and storage solutions.

Let’s start with our top picks.

Our Best Paddle Board Wall Racks

Best Minimalist SUP Rack

Best Minimalist SUP Rack

Simple, effective, yet not compromised of style. StoreYourBoard’s Naked storage rack is the ultimate of minimalism designs but still maintains an element of safety with the cushioned brackets.

Best Overall SUP Wall Rack

Best Overall SUP Wall Rack

The Best Marine paddle board wall rack is our top rated choice and takes good care of your SUP with the foam-padded arms. Safety and support are the priority with the versatile design and secure straps.

Best For A Quiver

Best For A Quiver

If you have a collection of SUP's, there’s nothing better than StoreYourBoard’s 4, Paddleboard Rack. You have full control over the brackets allowing you to get the spacing right for your SUP

Types of SUP Mounts and Storage Solutions

Below is a selection of the best paddle board wall and ceiling racks available today:

1. Best Marine Paddle Board Storage Wall Mount

The best overall SUP wall rack we can recommend. If you’re looking for the most simple, yet effective SUP racks then you can’t go wrong with the Best Marine Storage Wall Mount. The foam-padded arms and tough nylon strap will keep your board safe and sound in storage.

Best Marine Storage Rack

Where to buy:

Features & Specs:

  • Materials: Powder-Coated Steel and Nylon Covered Foam Padding
  • How many boards can it carry? 1 board
  • Fixture: Wall

What we love:

  • Lightweight, simple, and easy to install, yet still super strong.
  • Suitable for indoor/outdoor installation in your garage, shed, under a deck, or on a dock.
  • Weight capacity of 100 lbs.

What we don't love:

  • The heavy-duty design can look a bit industrial if installed indoors.

This highly rated SUP rack will not disappoint. It’s easy to assemble, sturdy, and safe. The Best Marine SUP Wall Mount is a top storage solution for both SUPs and kayaks.

2. The Original Minimalist Paddleboard Wall Storage Racks from StoreYourBoard

This is our Best Minimalist Pick and for good reason. The StoreYourBoard Naked SUP Wall Rack is discreet, effective, and looks great effortlessly supporting your board.

Best Minimalist Paddle Board Rack

Where to buy:

Features & Specs:

  • Materials: Aluminum
  • How many boards can it carry? 1 board
  • Fixture: Wall

What we love:

  • Super minimalist, space-efficient, and discreet design.
  • Aluminum brackets will not rust.
  • Fully felt-padded brackets to avoid damage to your board.

What we don't love:

  • The included screws are not as heavy-duty as most paddle boarders will want to use. Head to the hardware store and get some solid anchors and screws to give extra security.

The Minimalist SUP Storage Rack is discreet. The bracket only extends 11” from the wall and has a 4.5” high front lip making it practically invisible.

3. Four Paddleboard Storage Racks by StoreYourBoard - BEST FOR A QUIVER

We are highlighting StoreYourBoard’s 4 Paddleboard Storage Rack as the best wall mount for paddle board lovers with a quiver of SUPs. This is a phenomenal storage solution. You have the freedom to adjust the placing of the arms so you can fit any size and style SUP easily.


SUP Racks Best For A Quiver

Where to buy:

Features & Specs:

  • Materials: Heavy-duty Steel
  • How many boards can it carry? 4 boards
  • Fixture: Wall

What we love:

  • Astonishing weight capacity of 400 pounds.
  • Fits all paddle board styles with space-efficiant and adjustable mounting points for the arms.
  • Easy to install, either indoors or outdoors.

What we don't love:

  • Not a small wall rack and requires enough space to fit all you boards.

Save space and stack your paddleboards in an orderly fashion with the awesome Four Paddleboard Storage Rack. 

4. Dual Kayak/SUP Ceiling Rack, Overhead Ceiling Mount Hanger from GoPlus - BEST OVERHEAD/CEILING RACK

This is our top pick for thebest overhead and ceiling storage SUP rack. The Goplus Ceiling Rack does a great job and can be relied on to carry your boards securely overhead. 

The double-sided racks can carry SUPs, kayaks, surfboards, or simply even ladders! This is a simple design and super easy to install.


Overhead Ceiling Rack/Mount

Where to buy:

Features & Specs:

  • Materials: Powder-Coated Aluminum and Protective Padding
  • How many boards can it carry? 2 board
  • Fixture: Ceiling

What we love:

  • Total of 150 lbs weight capacity (75 lbs on each side).
  • Keeps your boards safe overhead, perfect for utilizing the unused space of a garage.
  • Extremely sturdy and reliable.

What we don't love:

  • No vertical adjustment to allow more room for larger kayaks.

If you’re looking for ceiling racks then the Goplus Dual SUP Ceiling Rack is one of the best ones you can get your hands on and won’t disappoint. 

5. Double SUP & Surf Ceiling Storage Rack by StoreYourBoard

This Double SUP Ceiling Storage Rack from StoreYourBoard is a great storage solution for those with a larger quiver and suitable space that allows for it. If you’ve got a decent-sized garage, why not hang your boards overhead?

Ceiling Rack For Paddle Boards

Where to buy:

Features & Specs:

  • Materials: Heavy-duty Steel
  • How many boards can it carry? 4 board
  • Fixture: Ceiling

What we love:

  • A super heavy-duty rack that can hold up to 150 lbs (75 lbs on each side).
  • Adjustable height on the center column from 10” to 18”, allowing you to adjust to your board's thickness.
  • Has two size choices: large with 25” arms, or extra-large with 30” arms.

What we don't love:

  • Supplied hardware and screws are weak and not recommended for carrying four boards. We suggest you grab some more heavy-duty screws for anchoring the rack, which will give a more solid finish to the rack.

Just be aware and extra cautious if you have more than one board on each side of this SUP rack. That being said, the Double SUP Ceiling Rack by StoreYourBoard is the best that money can buy and is our top recommendation for an overhead storage rack.

6. COR Surf Wooden Surfboard Wall Mount

Another great option from COR Surf. Their Wooden Wall Mount is both versatile and stylish. The dimensions are 24” x 14” x 7” (distance between each arm), so it’s fairly compact for carrying three boards.

COR Wooden Surfboard Wall Mount

Where to buy:

Features & Specs:

  • Materials: Sustainable Bamboo and Protective Rubber Coating
  • How many boards can it carry? 3 board
  • Fixture: Wall

What we love:

  • Beautiful display to show off your collection.
  • Eco-friendly materials that are both sustainable and durable.
  • Protective rubber coating on the arms to remove the risk of unwanted dings and scratches.

What we don't love:

  • The top rack can be difficult to get boards in and out, so reserve this for the smaller SUPs or surfboards.

So what are you waiting for? Make your boards a key feature of your house and display your passion with the COR Surf Wooden Surfboard Wall Mount.

7. Suspenz Paddle Board Wall Rack

This SUP rack from Suspenz is versatile and efficient in keeping your stand up paddleboard safe. Your board will literally be suspended using heavy-duty straps, removing the risk of scratches, dings, and abrasions from the steel frame.

Suspenz Wall Rack

Where to buy:

Features & Specs:

  • Materials: Powder-Coated Steel and Heavy-Duty Nylon Webbing
  • How many boards can it carry? 1 board
  • Fixture: Wall

What we love:

  • Your SUP will suspend on the heavy-duty nylon straps, meaning it will never touch a hard surface and get accidentally damaged.
  • Once installed it only sits 10” from the wall.
  • You can double up the rack by securing an additional mount onto the wall-mounted rack.

What we don't love:

  • Only comes in one color, bright yellow, which is not the most subtle choice for indoor storage.

Double up, or keep it for one board only. Attach the Suspenz Paddle Board Wall Rack to boat dock posts, or simply to your garage walls. The possibilities are endless.

8. SPAREHAND Double Wall Mount Rack with Angled Padded Arms

Sparehand is a well known brand for the durability of their products and high-quality materials used. Their Double Wall Mount Rack is no exception. This is a solid and reliable SUP rack that does the job superbly and keeps your gear safe.

SpareHand Double Wall Mount

Where to buy:

Features & Specs:

  • Materials: Steel and thick padding
  • How many boards can it carry? 2 board
  • Fixture: Wall

What we love:

  • Super simple and highly effective.
  • Comfortably supports up to 100 lbs of equipment.
  • Comes with all the needed hardware and 1 year warranty.

What we don't love:

  • Not a good space saving option as the arms extend out 27” from the wall.

The sturdy and padded arms of this Double Board Rack from SPAREHAND will last you for many years, giving your SUP gear the protection and storage it needs.

9. 1220 RAD Sportz Paddle Board Wall Rack

Secure this rack to a wall, post, or even a bench. The 1220 RAD Sportz Paddle Board Wall Rack is versatile, secure, and convenient. The frame is a strong steel construction with padded arms and securing straps.

1220 Rad Sportz Paddle Board Rack

Where to buy:

Features & Specs:

  • Materials: Powder-Coated Steel and Nylon Straps
  • How many boards can it carry? 1 board
  • Fixture: Wall

What we love:

  • Weight capacity of 125 lbs, enough for the largest of paddle boards.
  • Nylon straps and buckle clips give an extra amount of security and ensure your board will not fall out of the rack.
  • Versatile design can carry stand up paddle boards or kayaks.

What we don't love:

  • Fairly cheap product which makes us doubt the quality of the materials used.

The 1220 RAD Sportz Paddle Board Wall Rack is a firm favorite for outdoor enthusiasts and has some great reviews from actual users.

10. StoreYourBoard 2 SUP Wall Storage Rack, Adjustable Metal Paddleboard Home and Garage Storage, Hanger Mount

StoreYourBoard’s 2 SUP Wall Storage Rack, really is something special. This industrial style SUP rack gives you the freedom to adjust the rack quickly and easily to your exact specifications. 

You can add hanging hooks underneath to hold your paddle, PFDs, and other gear.


StoreYourBoard Wall Rack

Where to buy:

Features & Specs:

  • Materials: Steel Construction and Thick Rubber-Pads
  • How many boards can it carry? 2 board
  • Fixture: Wall

What we love:

  • Fully adjustable design. Choose your perfect width to accommodate your boards and move the arms up or down the rails to the thickness needed.
  • Perfect for any type of kayak, snowboard, wakeboard or a stand up paddle board.
  • Heavy-duty but easy to install.

What we don't love:

  • Needs more padding for full peace of mind.

With a slight modification and extra rubber padding in place, the StoreYourBoard 2 SUP Wall Storage Rack can be great.

11. Steve's Rack Shack Premium Wooden Freestanding SUP Storage

Have you got a collection of good looking paddle boards? Why not make them the centerpiece with this free-standing rack from Steve’s Rack Shack. Choose between a 3 or 4 level rack with each level being able to hold up to 50lbs.

This freestanding rack is great for carrying out board repairs, fitting new grip pads and accessories, or simply keeping your boards in a safe place off the floor.


Steve's Rack Shack Premium Wooden Freestanding SUP Storage

Where to buy:

Features & Specs:

  • Materials: Baltic Birch Wood and Foam Padding
  • How many boards can it carry? 2 or 3 board (Two Options Available )
  • Fixture: Freestanding

What we love:

  • Beautifully designed and made from eco-friendly materials.
  • Protective rubber and foam padding on each level.
  • Can be placed anywhere as a display and easily moved around.

What we don't love:

  • Cannot be used outdoors as the materials will not last in the elements.

This rack is good for people who haven’t got clear wall space for a fixed rack. The great thing about Steve's Rack Shack Premium Wooden Freestanding SUP Storage is that you can move it anywhere at any time.

12. Sparehand Freestanding Rack Storage

Sparehand’s SUP storage is another great example of a freestanding rack. Using solid, durable, and weather-resistant materials, this SUP storage rack is a reliable option for both indoor and outdoor use.

Sparehand Freestanding Rack storage

Where to buy:

Features & Specs:

  • Materials: Powder-coated aluminum and heavy-duty foam padding
  • How many boards can it carry? 4 boards
  • Fixture: Freestanding

What we love:

  • Versatile and easy to move around.
  • Bottom base has padding to hold a fifth board, kayak, or the paddles.
  • Quick and easy assembly.

What we don't love:

  • Bulky rack and requires a lot of space.

If portability of the rack is a main concern for you, this Sparehand Freestanding Rack Storage allows you to fit G-C4 caster wheels for even more convenience.

SUP Racks on a Tight Budget

Looking for more affordable options? Check out these basic board racks.

COR SUP Ceiling or Wall Storage Rack | Longboard & Paddleboard Mount

COR Surf is one of the better known names for board storage solutions and paddle board wall mount racks. Their SUP rack is simple yet a highly effective design and a great affordable option.

COR Stand Up Paddle Board Wall Rack Storage

Where to buy:

Features & Specs:

  • Materials: Galvanized Steel and Protective EVA Foam
  • How many boards can it carry? 1 board
  • Fixture: Wall, Dock, Or Ceiling

What we love:

  • 190 degree bend to account for sagging when storing two heavy boards.
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor storage.
  • Affordable and well constructed.

What we don't love:

  • Hardware screws included are not as heavy-duty as we would like to see. For extra security we recommend you grab some stronger screws.

Overall, COR’s SUP Ceiling or Wall Storage Rack is a great paddle board wall rack that’s versatile enough to be installed on the ceiling.  

COR Surf Kayak or SUP Heavy-Duty Padded Wall Storage Sling

If you are looking for something truly minimalistic and compact, you can’t go wrong with COR Surf’s Padded Wall Storage Sling. This is simple, yet highly effective in holding one stand up paddle board.

COR Surf Kayak or SUP Wall Storage

Where to buy:

Features & Specs:

  • Materials: Nylon
  • How many boards can it carry? 1 board
  • Fixture: Wall or Ceiling

What we love:

  • Compact. Super easy to install and tuck away when not in use.
  • Fully adjustable padded straps that can handle any size SUP or kayak boat.
  • Sturdy and durable with three included anchor points.

What we don't love:

  • Limited to only 1 board.

Store and hang your equipment indoors or outdoors with this adjustable heavy-duty COR Surf design.

Don’t Forget a Paddle Rack

Most standard stand up paddle board racks will have enough space to store your paddle neatly with your SUP. However, it could be a neat idea to install a rack specifically for your paddles if you have a bit of a paddle collection.

The paddle is a key piece of equipment for your paddle boarding hobby. Whether you’ve chosen carbon fiber, aluminum, or a simple steel paddle, keeping them safe is also something to consider.

Read More: Best SUP Paddles

Suspenz 4 Paddle Rack

While this is not a board rack, we still think it’s worth a special mention. The Suspenz Paddle Rack is a great idea to keep your gear in order.

Paddle Rack

Where to buy:

Features & Specs:

  • Materials: Powder-Coated Steel and Heavy-Duty Rubber Pads
  • How many boards can it carry? 4 boards
  • Fixture: Wall

What we love:

  • Keep your paddles safe and off the ground.
  • Neat & Compact
  • You can also store your SUP leash here with the paddle.

What we don't love:

  • Nothing! This is a great piece of kit to invest in.

Partner this Suspenz 4 Paddle Rack with one of the other wall racks and you’ll have a winning combination.

Key Features in Wall Racks — A Buying Guide

Make choosing the perfect rack for you easier by looking out for these top features: 

  • Type
  • Durability
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Strength/Weight Capacity
  • Installation

  • If you carefully consider your needs against these varying features then you’ll be well on your way to having the perfect board mount in place.

    Types of Paddle Board Mounts

    Wall or ceiling? Vertical or horizontal? The decision really depends on how much space you have available. Horizontal storage tends to take up more space as the boards hang out into the room. 

    Whichever type you choose, make sure that the supporting wall or ceiling is strong enough to hold the rack securely. 

    Durability of SUP Mounts

    You don’t want to have to replace the SUP rack too soon. Durability is a major key factor when shopping for SUP racks. Look out for high-quality materials. 

    Even though many come with all the screws needed, we recommend you consider grabbing some more heavy duty screws and fixtures to ensure the rack is solid..

    Indoor Or Outdoor Paddle Board Racks

    The style of indoor or outdoor racks rarely changes, however, the materials will be different. If you’re setting your board rack outdoors, it’s vital that you choose something with weather-resistant and UV- repellent coatings. 

    We always recommend not to store your paddle board outside for long periods of time. The weather elements can cause significant damage to the board materials and reduce the lifespan of your SUP.

    Some people prefer to have a more minimalist design for indoor use. We recommend the StoreYourBoard Naked SUP Rack.

    Strength/Weight Capacity of Board Racks

    Most paddle board wall racks and mounts have a weight capacity of 100 lbs or more. You should be looking for a capacity of your board's weight plus around 20% extra for good measure. This allows you some leeway in case you choose to upgrade your boards —  it’s always best to come in under your mount’s capacity then over or near it.

    SUP Rack Installation

    Easy installation will make your life much simpler! No one needs the stress of complicated contraptions. All the paddle board racks listed above are simple enough that anyone can put them up with a couple of brackets and screws. 

    Final Tips for Storing a SUP

    • The arms need to be at least ¾ the width of your board for maximum security.
    • Weather-resistant and waterproof materials will ensure a longer lifespan with the saltwater exposure.
    • Padded arms are essential. Make sure you have foam or rubber as an extra level of protection for your board.
    • Bungee cords can be used as a final safety belt.
    • Make sure you rinse off any saltwater and sand from your SUP. This is good practice and will help maintain your gear.


    🏆 Why do I need a wall rack to store my paddle board?

    Leaning your SUP against a wall is risking unwanted and unnecessary damage. A wall rack will offer you a safe place to store with the added security of keeping your gear tidy and ready for when needed.

    👍 How to store paddle boards — what's the best way?

    The best way to store a paddle board depends whether it’s a iSUP or a hardboard one. If it’s an inflatable paddle board, then fully deflate and pack away in the packaging it came in or in a suitable backpack

    🏝️ How do you hand a paddle board on the wall?

    With a solid reliable wall rack and sturdy brackets. It’s always best to have the bottom of your SUP facing up towards the ceiling with the deck down on the padded arms. This is an easy way to protect your SUP and ensure it remains watertight.

    ❓ Can I leave my inflatable SUP inflated?

    Yes. An inflatable SUP can be stored either inflated or deflated.

    If you’re leaving your stand up paddle board inflated, we recommend you let out a bit of air and keep it out of direct sunlight/elements. Too much warmth can lead to seam damages.

    📦 Can I lock my SUP to a wall rack?

    Yes you can. You can buy specialized SUP locks that work just like a bicycle lock. Simply attach the coiled cable to the leash plug and the board rack. Check out this SUP lock system from StoreYourBoard.

    📦 Can I fit more than one board in a rack?

    Some racks are designed to carry more than one board. If you’re trying to double stack your boards then make sure you check the weight capacity as well as the spacing of the racks and do not go over this.

    If you try to squeeze two boards into a narrow space then you run the risk of damaging your boards. Have more than 1 board?

    Make sure you buy a rack designed to carry 2 or more.

    📦 Can a stored paddle board get moldy?

    Yes, and mold is your worst enemy — especially if you have an iSUP. To avoid this, make sure your board is clean and dry after using it. Avoid having towels, bags, or PFDs stored directly on your board as this will lead to mold.

    📦 What is the worst that can happen when leaving my board against the wall?

    An SUP can easily fall down if lent against a wall without any harnessing from a wall rack or straps. The board can get seriously damaged if it hits anything on the fall, or even from the floor itself.

    You will have to fix and repair your board to make it watertight again. So you may as well use that money to invest in a paddle board board wall rack.

    Jay Regan
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