Detachable Paddle Board Seat: Turn Your SUP Into a Kayak

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Get more out of your SUP by turning it into a kayak with the GILI Detachable Paddle Board Seat. 

Some days you want to be on the water, but you just can't stand! Now you can have the option to sit with the GILI Detachable Paddle Board Seat. Quickly switch back-and-forth between SUP and kayak by clipping and unclipping the seat into the D-Rings on your board. It's like having a SUP and kayak all-in-one!

We like having this option for windy days or anytime we want extra stability and comfort. It's also a great way to get your friends and family onto the water when they aren't quite ready to stand on the board. The GILI Detachable Paddle Board Seat can be stowed on your SUP secured by the bungee cords. This convenience allows you to change between SUP and kayak while you're out on the water providing the ultimate in flexibility. Is it a SUP or kayak day? Why not have the best of both worlds?


  • Thick cushioned neoprene material
  • Adjustable straps
  • Bolt snap hooks
  • Easily stored on your SUP


The GILI Detachable Paddle Board Seat is compatible with all GILI SUPs.