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The serial number you entered is eligible for a free replacement board. Click here for our FAQs regarding this replacement process.  The sooner you complete this form, the quicker you will receive your replacement board.

To proceed with your claim, please complete the following fields.  Required fields include an * and must be completed.  WARNING: Please be certain your serial number matches the serial number listed above.

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If you choose not to proceed with your claim, please complete the form below and check the box next to the refusal statement. You may skip other steps, including uploading a photo since you will not be destroying your board.

Upload a photo of the center fin box cut out of your paddle board and placed next to the hole in your board.  This confirms your serial number and confirms your board is destroyed and no longer useable. Please keep this cutout until we confirm your photo with the Serial Number. Do not throw this away in case we need a more legible photo. WARNING: Please be certain your serial number matches the serial number listed above before removing.

Here is an example of the photo to upload below:

**IMPORTANT** Please be sure the photo you are uploading shows the Serial Number clearly.  If we can't read the serial number, we cannot replace your board.

Image must be less than 10MB.
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If you are ready to submit please click the submit button below.  Once submitted, a copy of the form will be emailed to you for your records.  Your replacement board will be shipped to the address you provided. Notification of shipping will be sent to the email provided on this form.