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Waist bag, hip pack, fanny pack. Whatever you want to call them, this top accessory from the 90s is making a comeback and we can’t get enough. Especially when we’re on our stand up paddle boards.

Every stand up paddle boarder should have a waterproof fanny pack in their SUP accessories collection. Wearing a waist bag while out on the water frees up your hands while keeping your valuable essentials close by.

On some paddles, a full-sized dry bag can be a little awkward and oversized. Maybe you are just going for a quick blast across the lake, or a cruise over for a couple of waves. Either way, you probably only want to take a few essentials along for the ride.

Make use of this great little accessory! Waterproof fanny packs are practical, useful, and also vital for outdoor water adventures.

Read on to discover more about the specific features you need to look out for and our top ten recommendations for the top waterproof fanny packs around.

Waterproof fanny pack key features

So by using waterproof hip packs, your main concern is obviously protecting your valuables while out on the water.

You can fit a surprising amount of items into some of the waist bags available. Stowaway your phone, keys, camera, book, or wallet. The possibilities are endless!

Paddling with one of these around your waist is exactly what you need this summer.

But what should you be looking out for while shopping for your waterproof fanny pack? To make sure you are getting a quality product, you need to make sure they are submersible with these key features:

  • Weather-proof zips
  • Slide seal system
  • Pockets
  • Outer water bottle pocket
  • Heavy-duty and waterproof fabric

While most fanny packs are designed for the waist, some also have great padded shoulder straps that can even be extended into a backpack style. This versatility makes this a great accessory for paddle boarders.

Are fanny packs waterproof?

This is an incredibly important question and something that should be on your mind while shopping for your next paddle boarding accessory.

As long as your fanny pack has the features mentioned above, it should be waterproof. A lot of options available on the market are water resistant, but won’t keep your goods dry when fully submerged.

It’s safe to say that as a paddle boarder and water adventurer, we need fully waterproof bags that we trust to keep our valuables dry and safe.

Even for other activities, like hiking, fishing, snorkeling, or traveling, a good waterproof fanny pack is a great small addition to your gear.

The 10 Best Waterproof Fanny Packs

Have we convinced you to join this 90s revival yet? Here are some of the best fanny pack waterproof products available now.

Never get caught short again with a trusted hip pack carrying your essentials and valuables.

GILI Waterproof Fanny Pack

GILI Waterproof Waist Pack: 2 Pack

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Simple, yet effective. The GILI Waterproof fanny pack proves that you don’t necessarily need anything fancy. The triple seal protection ensures the contents are fully protected and provides a 100% waterproof guarantee.

The waist strap is fully adjustable and can be made to fit most sizes, and can even be altered to be slung over the shoulder.

With transparent polymer material, you can keep check of your phone without having to remove it from the fanny pack.

What Makes This Accessory Stand Out

  • Small and lightweight convenience
  • Adjustable straps
  • Triple sealed for maximum waterproofing

YETI Sidekick Dry

best waterproof fanny packs - yeti 

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The Sidekick Dry bag from YETI provides a worry-free solution to carrying small valuables, like keys, licenses, or a phone. Interior mesh pockets help keep everything organized as well as dry.

YETI has used a dryhide shell that is similar to the material used in whitewater rafts. The ultra-powerful magnetic closure creates a 100% waterproof seal. And finally, the seams are reinforced welded which means you won’t have any surprises.

While this is a pouch, there are durable belt loops to convert this into a great fanny pack option.

What Makes This Accessory Stand Out

  • Tough, high-quality materials
  • Closure reinforced by powerful magnets
  • Reinforced seams to keep water out

SealLine Seal Pak

Sealline Seal Pak waterproof hip pack

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This waistpack is highly loved and rated among boating and travel enthusiasts. The SealLine Seal Pak uses dry bag roll-down closure technology to give it a water-tight seal.

Inside, there are internal zip pocket compartments to aid in keeping money and other small valuables organized. The waist belt is fully adjustable to give the best fit for everyone.

However, the SealLine Seal waist pack is not intended for full submersion. So probably best to just keep this one on the beach and above board on calmer days.

What Makes This Accessory Stand Out

  • High volume (4L) for increased storage capacity
  • Easy rolling system to secure enclosure
  • Convenient side pocket for quick access

Aquapac Waist Pack

best waterproof fanny packs aquapac 

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The Aquapac waterproof waist pack is a great compact option that offers great results in the protection of small valuables. The waist strap features a comfortable pad to really add an extra element while keeping secure.

It is made from 500D vinyl material that is tough and will withstand all of your aquatic adventures. Again, the closure uses roll-down technology with Velcro to give security. The rolling is what makes this fanny pack waterproof, so make sure you get it right.

There is also a quick-access external splashproof pocket which is great for storing your phone for photos or staying connected.

What Makes This Accessory Stand Out

  • Ample volume (3L) for storage
  • Quick access side pocket
  • Extreme waterproof rating

Portzon Waterproof Fanny Pack

best waterproof fanny packs portzon


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Portzon offers a highly versatile fanny pack that is rated to withstand complete submersion underwater for up to 6.5 feet. The pouch is constructed with a soft PVC material that is designed to keep out water, dust, snow, and dirt.

The fanny pack is quite functional adjustable straps and sticky velcro for its various pockets. Its 8.7 x 6.0 inch size makes it big enough to store a variety of goods for your day trip on the water, while being small enough to stay out of the way when paddling.

While we like to keep our phones away while in enjoying nature, it's good to know that you can use your smartphone through the fanny pack's touchscreen-friendly phone pocket.

What Makes This Accessory Stand Out

  • Waterproof up to 6.5 feet
  • Touchscreen-friendly, transparent backing allows you to operate your phone without taking it out
  • High quality materials

Waterfly Slim Soft

best waterproof fanny packs waterfly

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Waterfly’s Slim Soft is one of the smaller waterproof fanny packs available. Again, this one is more of a water-resistant option rather than a diving-into-a-lake choice. But with the vast range of patterns, it is definitely one of the more aesthetically pleasing fanny packs around.

It is so lightweight that you will probably forget you are even wearing it while out paddling or doing other sports.

With different compartments and pockets, storage is surprisingly large despite the smaller size. This is a great fanny pack for day adventures, on and off the water.

What Makes This Accessory Stand Out

  • Very lightweight
  • Many pockets for varied storage
  • Water-resistant

Loksak SplashSak

best waterproof fanny packs loksak

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With an assortment of sizes, the Loksak SplashSak waterproof packs are perfect for outdoor adventures. They stock a fanny pack to protect personal items you may want to take on the water. They also provide an excellent option for keeping maps dry, great for when you are exploring new trails and locations.

The construction is durable using 420 denier nylon (rights reserved) to give optimum water resistance.

Loksak products are not expensive and are more basic than other fanny packs and waterproof pouches. However, this may be the exact design that you need.

What Makes This Accessory Stand Out

  • Maintains use of touchscreen electronics through bag
  • Waterproof and submersible
  • Small and practical for everyday use

North St Pioneer 9 Hip Pack

north street hip sack

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North St just get it. They know what adventurers need and their products deliver it. Their Pioneer Hip Pack range provides durable storage with top quality materials. The high denier nylon used is rugged and gives it an excellent water resistant finish.

The Pioneer 9 model is a nice in-between size that can carry everything you would need for a paddle adventure like a phone, small camera, money, and keys. You can go a little bigger with the Pioneer 12, or go the other way with the smaller Pioneer 8 for a more low-key option.

What we love most about the North St product, is you can buy add-on accessories to support your fanny packs. Want to take a water bottle along with you? Well, grab their sleeve that attaches perfectly to the fanny pack, ensuring your contents inside stay dry.

What Makes This Accessory Stand Out

  • Removable straps for increased flexibility
  • Adaptable for use on bicycle handlebars
  • Sturdy construction

Speed Hound Swim Buoy Waist Bag

best waterproof fanny packs speed hound



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If safety is your main priority, then this Speed Hound Swim Buoy Waist Bag is perfect for you. This is more of a hybrid between a waterproof waist pack and a dry pouch. The main compartment can carry all sorts of things, like a wallet, water shoes, extra goggles, energy gels, and so on.

This waist bag was designed to be in the water. The main compartment doubles up as a floating buoy to give maximum visibility while you are exploring.

Speed Hound’s pack is the ultimate choice for paddle boarders and other water sport enthusiasts. The float and visibility elements really give an extra boost of confidence while out on the water.

What Makes This Accessory Stand Out

  • Doubles as safety buoy while swimming
  • Can be used to rest while swimming
  • Ample room for storage of items

Final thoughts

From this list, you should be able to find the best waterproof fanny pack for you. No matter which one you choose, the main thing is that you can paddle at ease knowing that your valuables will stay dry.

For any outdoor adventure, especially when paddling across the water, waterproof fanny packs are an essential part of your SUP kit. You never know when you need to snap a photo or flash your fishing license. Having these items close at hand and easy to access will save you unnecessary stress and risk of dropping them.

So what are you waiting for? Join the 90s fashion revival with practical waterproof fanny packs!

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Jay Regan

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