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Are you looking to level up your paddle boarding game? The search is over! With a quick addition of an accessory or two, you can paddle away in style this summer.

We have done the research for you and put together a guide on the top thirty accessories you should be adding to your SUP collection.

With some of these paddle board accessories at your disposal, your paddle boarding experience will sky-rocket, making your adventures even better. If you're looking for a gift for your fellow SUP enthusiast, look no further than this list.

Paddle Board Must Have Essential Accessories

Paddle boarding is only getting more and more popular. For first time paddlers to the more advanced, these thirty paddle board accessories will give you an even better experience.

1. Personal Flotation Device (PFD)

paddle board accessories life vestpaddle board accessories pfd

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A PFD, or personal floatation device, is a vital piece of kit. A lot of people forget to pack one, but the truth is, this could save your life.

Old fashioned PFDs are ugly, yes. But now there is a whole range of stylish options available. Most floatation devices are sleek, well-fitted, and barely noticeable in a photograph. Check out the best life jackets for paddle boarding.

Take Onyx’s PFDs for example. Their whole range is lightweight and not restrictive. They even have an inflatable option packed into a simple belt.

paddle board accessories life beltpaddle board accessories life jacket

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 When exploring deep waters and more remote areas, we always recommend you make use of a PFD. You will be thankful for this simple, yet highly effective, piece of gear if you fall off your board and can’t get back onto it right away.

If you are considering paddle boarding with your dog, make sure you get a PFD for your dog as well.

2. Paddle Board/Kayak Anchor

paddle board accessories anchor kit

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An anchor for your paddle board is essential if you want to practice SUP yoga, relax with some fishing, or explore with a snorkel.

Paddle board anchors, also used with kayaks, are surprisingly light and compact. Sinking one will mean you don’t drift away in the currents.

The GILI kayak & paddle board anchor kit will do the job nicely. The 4-fluke folding option makes it a perfect option to carry onboard, complete with a rope, buoy, and carry bag. It’s highly versatile and can keep you in place in a wide variety of environments. Be it sand, weeds, mud, or rock bottoms.

With one of these in your paddle kits, you will be able to stay in one place no matter the wind, current, or wave conditions. Dropping anchor has never been so easy.

3. Kayak Kit (Kayak Seat/Paddle)

paddle board accessories kayak seat

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Perfect for those lazy days. Turn your SUP into a kayak! With a simple detachable kayak kit seat, you will be able to keep exploring even on days you don’t feel like standing.

This accessory is perfect to give you a two-in-one versatility. Again, you can quickly stow away the detachable kayak seat using handy bungee cords if you did change your mind mid-paddle.

Using a kayak seat is a great way to enjoy paddling across the water even on the windier days, giving you an extra level of comfort and stability.

4. SUP Leash

paddle board accessories sup leash

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Everyone knows the importance of using a leash. Getting a specialized SUP leash is definitely in your best interests.

Unlike a conventional leash, a SUP leash is coiled which ensures you don’t get tangled up while paddling and have a minimal drag in the water.

But when fully extended, this SUP leash will still give you a safe distance between you and the board if you wipeout. The coils give up to five times the length when extended.

5. Spare Fins

paddle board accessories sup fins

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Every paddle boarder will at some point go through a situation of losing a fin. It’s just bound to happen and is almost like a rite of passage.

Depending on the adventure you are having, you may want to carry a spare with you while out paddling. For example, if you are going for a long-distance endurance challenge, this would be a thing to pack in your dry bag.

Surf paddle boarders should have a spare set of fins tucked away in the car, just as a precaution in case you lose one while shredding! There are wide variety of stand up paddle board leashes for you to choose. They all have different shapes and performance characteristics.

6. Dry Bag

paddle board accessories dry bag

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A dry bag is a must-have for any water lover adventurer. We recommend a 15L dry bag option, that’s not too big but also practical in what you can fit inside.

Store all of your valuables, take a camera along for the ride or even pack a book to read for those really relaxing days. Adjustable straps mean they can be customized to fit anyone across the body, freeing up your hands to keep paddling into the sunset.

Having a reliable dry bag in your paddle board gear is essential. We never hit the water without one.

7. Waterproof Waist Pack/Pouch

paddle board accessories waist packpaddle board accessories waist pack

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To complete your waterproof bag range, get yourself a waist pouch. Secure this smaller waterproof bag around your waist and keep essentials close at hand.

This is a great option if you are exploring rivers or canals and need to access your money for an ice cream stop along the way. Or perhaps you are taking your dog along for the ride. Store rewarding treats that are easy to access to give positive reinforcement for your furry friend.

We like the YETI Hopper Sidekick Dry for its strong waterproof rating and tight seals.

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8. Waterproof Speaker

paddle board accessories speakerpaddle board accessories waterproof speaker

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Is there anything better than paddling to a beat? Just picture this summer, cruising with your crew across the lake. You need to make sure you’re well equipped with a waterproof speaker keeping everyone in sync.

Most waterproof speakers come with a handy carabiner clip that you can attach to your dry bag or waist pouch. We like the Wonderboom 2 from Ultimate Ears for its size, big sound, and waterproof performance.

Be the one who brings the party to the water with this super cool paddle board accessory.

9. Floating Sunglasses

paddle board accessories floating sunglassespaddle board accessories floating sunglasses

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Here at Gili Sports we always implore safe practice. In the summer months, when the UV rays are at their strongest, it is really important to invest in some sunglasses.

And what more can we water lovers ask for than floating sunglasses?

We love the collection from Rheos. These stylish sunglasses not only float, but they also give 100% UVA and UVB protection. The polarized lenses cut out glare giving you optimal visibility while out on the water.

10. Action Camera

paddle board accessories action camerapaddle board accessories action camera

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Everyone should have an action camera in their gear, and there is none better than the GoProHero8. The latest model from GoPro is beyond the next level with its automatic stabilizing functions, digital lens, and of course, fully waterproof features.

As always, there is a whole range of toys and gadgets to go with your GoPro. A trusted chest harness or attachment on the nose of the board is an all-time favorite for paddle boarders.

You won’t miss a single moment when you have an action camera fixed for your adventures.

11. Paddle Board Carry Straps

 paddle board accessories carry straps

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Do you struggle to carry your paddle board? At times they can be awkward to handle and move around, especially on those super hot summer days.

Paddle board carry straps can help save you a lot of hassle and backache! No more uncomfortable gripping on fingers edges and using your hip as support.

Walk to the beach or lake, with your board on your shoulder, hands-free.

Fitting paddle board carry straps could not be easier. Simply clip them on to the D-rings that should already be on your paddle board. You can then adjust the straps to match your height and give you optimal results.

The straps we stock come with a comfortable shoulder padding for an added extra luxury. You can store them neatly on your board using bungee straps, or in a dry bag if you are taking one out.

Inflatable Paddle Board Accessories

If you have an inflatable SUP, these stand up paddle boarding accessories are specifically designed with you in mind! Don’t get caught out again by adding these trusted pieces of kit to your gear. Again, the carry strap or sling is a handy piece of equipment to have. Even though inflatable boards are much lighter, they can still be awkward to handle at times.

12. Electric Paddle Board Pump

paddle board accessories electric pump

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Save your energy and get yourself an electric pump to inflate your paddle board. Hand pumps are extremely tiring and take up a lot of time. With an electric pump, you will save both your time and your arm power!

Most options also give you the choice to remove the air and compress your paddle board back down for easy traveling. This is an essential gadget for inflatable SUPers.

The GILI 12V Electric Paddle Board Pump will provide all the inflating power you need. It's compact, easy-to-use, and has a built-in variable pressure setting function.

13. Rolling Inflatable SUP Backpack

paddle board accessories sup backpack

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The beauty of inflatable paddle boards is that you can deflate them and easily move them around.

After deflating your board, make use of a backpack to pack it all away inside. Here at Gili Sports, we have an option with wheels to make your life even easier!

rolling inflatable SUP backpack is heavy-duty and provides enough space to store all your essential equipment including a fold-down paddle, leash, pump, fins, and more.

14. UV SUP Sock

paddle board accessories uv bagpaddle board accessories UV sock

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While you are in between paddles, a UV protective sock is a great accessory to own. These slip on the board easily and quickly and protect the material from harmful UV rays.

Some people like to travel with their inflatable board already inflated. This sock protects your board while loaded on the roof and keeps it cool. You don’t want your inflatable paddle board getting too hot, or you will run the risk damaging the board and seams.

We like the VAMO paddle board cover for its 4-way stretch and reinforced nose and tail.

15. Action Camera Mount

paddle board accessories action camera mount

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Already have an awesome action camera? Now you need to have the camera mounted on your board to capture the action hands-free!

There are a variety of different options available, from suction pads to adhesive permanent stick-on types. It depends on what kind of a paddle you are going for. Most SUP enthusiasts will find a GoPro paddle board mount most useful.

A suction mount will be sufficient for a relaxing flat water lake cruise. However, if you plan to go into the waves, or something a bit more intense, we recommend fitting a more sturdy and solid mount for your action camera.

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Some paddle boards have built-in threads that make attaching an action camera even easier. This sturdy action camera mount is compatible with all GILI 2020 SUPs except the Air model.

Epoxy/Hard Stand Up Paddle Board Accessories

Even epoxy hard paddle boards can make use of all these amazing accessories. Don’t miss out. Stock up your gear today!

16. SUP Day Bag

paddle board accessories day bagpaddle board accessories day bag 

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Chances are you are going to want to get traveling with your SUP. There are so many incredible places to discover from a water viewpoint.

Ensure your epoxy paddle board doesn’t get damaged while you are traveling to your next adventure with a SUP day bag.

These are lightweight and can make a world of difference when strapping boards down on the roof. No one needs the trouble of pulling up to a new spot to paddle, just to find out you have got a ding because there was no protection. Always, use protection.

We recommend the Curve SUP bag for its heavyweight, water-resistant polycanvas base, which makes it super durable.

17. Roof Rack/Rack Pads & Strap

paddle board accessories roof rack pads strapspaddle board accessories roof rack

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While we are on the subject of traveling, this is a must-have accessory for any stand up paddle boarder looking to branch out.

Having a trusted roof rack, roof pad, and straps at the ready is the best way to explore further afield. No more playing Tetris to fit the board inside the car!

There is a great variety available to match your car. Whether you have a rack already in place or need a soft removable rack, you will be able to find the best for you. Three-door or five-door? No problem. Soft racks like the ones from COR can fit your car no matter what.

18. SUP Cart

paddle board accessories sup cartpaddle board accessories sup cart

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Want to level up how you carry your paddle board? Check out these racks on wheels! A SUP cart is perfect for moving your board over the sand while carrying other items, like a cool box and dry bag.

The ABN universal carry cart has solid wheels that can handle most terrain. Highly adjustable, this cart can fit any board, canoe, or kayak to make your life a whole lot easier.

19. Paddle Board Wall Rack

paddle board accessories wall rackpaddle board accessories wall rack

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Having an epoxy paddle board can take up a lot of space when storing on dry land. Unlike their inflatable counterparts, these hard boards cannot be packed away into a neat little bag.

Installing a SUP rack will be your saving grace. A rack will keep your boards out of the way and off the ground. You can also store your other boards if you have more. StoreYourBoard is a popular option for this home storage solution.

If space is tight on your walls, you can also try the ceiling rack solution to store your stand up paddle board.

paddle board accessories ceiling mount

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To give extra peace of mind if you are storing in a garage, maybe consider using a dock lock like the one below from DockLocks. Similar to a bike lock, the coiled padlock will keep your precious boards safe and sound.

paddle board accessories sup lock

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20. SUP Rail Guard Tape Protection

paddle board accessories rail guard tape

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Why not go the whole mile and give your paddle board the full protection it deserves? With rail guard tape you can protect your board from even minor damages.

This adhesive tape prevents you from causing chipping from your paddle, a common way people damage their boards. You also get an added level of protection for loading on to the car while transporting.

We recommend the tape from NorthShore. It is completely transparent so you won’t even notice when it’s in place!

Top Paddle Board Accessories for Fishing

Have you been considering mixing stand up paddle boards and fishing? The combination is fantastic and highly rewarding. Even if you don’t catch a fish, you still get to enjoy a peaceful afternoon on the water.

If you are planning a paddle fishing trip, you might want to stock up on some of these basic SUP accessories to help you get started. We highly recommend using these products along with the seat attachment and anchor to give you the best experience.

21. Bucket Rack/Tackle Rack

paddle board accessories bucket rackpaddle board accessories tackle rack

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A bucket and tackle rack are essential if you want to head out with fishing rods. This simple piece of kit will help you out a great deal, we only have one pair of hands right?

This accessory is easy to install when wanted. You can quickly remove it after you have finished as well. Keep your rods, bucket, and other gear secure on board while you find the best spot.

We recommend the AIRHEAD bucket rack with 4 rod holders. It has a lightweight, rust-resistant aluminum construction that stows easily when not in use.

22. Scotty Mounts/Rod Holders

paddle board accessories scotty mount

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A Scotty rod holder is a great option for someone who wants to kick back for an afternoon of relaxing SUP fishing. This piece of kit works perfectly alongside the kayak seat attachment. We like the Scotty rod holder #280 designed for paddlers that's easy to install and universally adaptable.

paddle board accessories rod holder

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Most paddle boards, including the GILI 12' Adventure and 11'6 Meno will need a mount to attach the rod holder. Thankfully, the good folks at Scotty have you covered!

23. Fishing Life Vest

paddle board accessories fishing life vestpaddle board accessories fishing life vest

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We have already mentioned the importance of a good PFD. However, investing in a specialized fishing life vest will be a smart move.

The Anglatech fishing jacket is a perfect option. It is breathable and comfortable with its mesh and neoprene materials. Unlike the standard PFDs though, a fishing life vest gives you pockets. These pockets are invaluable when out on the water fishing. You can stow away essential gear that can be easily reached while handling your rod.

24. Small Tackle Bag

paddle board accessories small tackle bagpaddle board accessories tackle bag

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Every avid fisher should have one of these already in their gear collection. A tackle bag will serve your paddle boarding fishing trip a lot better than a dry bag with the organization needed.

We recommend you just make use of a smaller tackle bag to help save space while on your board. Using one along with a waterproof waist pouch or dry bag would be a good idea to keep your belongings separate from bait and hooks.

The lightweight and portable fishing bag from Piscifun is designed for the angler to access all their important gear quickly and easily while fishing.

25. Fishing Bobbers

paddle board accessories fishing bobberpaddle board accessories fishing bobbers

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Make sure your tackle box is well stocked up. While you’re at it, why not get some special fishing bobbers to match the rest of your set up?

Floats or bobbers help keep track of your line and are one of the final touches to complete your fishing SUP gear.

Try the QualyQualy fishing bobbers for their high visibility and reasonable price.

26. Fishing Cooler

paddle board accessories fishing coolerpaddle board accessories fishing cooler

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Further down the list, we will mention a neat SUP deck cooler bag. But if you are going out fishing you definitely need to get a separate fishing cooler. You don’t want to be mixing your sandwiches with your catch!

Making use of bungee cords, you can easily secure a small cool box on deck along with all your other gear.

There is a wide variety of coolers available so you will be able to find one to match your specific needs fairly easily. We like the Igloo BMX Family of coolers for their sturdy construction and excellent insulation.

Bonus Fun Accessories to Take Your Paddle Boarding to the Next Level

27. Spare Bungees

paddle board accessories spare bungees 

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Bungee cords are incredibly useful and you never know when they may come in need. They can be used to help secure boards on roof racks, for connecting boards together on the water, when docking, carrying extra gear, the list goes on.

By having extra bungee cords in your gear, you are ensuring your SUP can carry all your accessories for the paddle board.

28. Waterproof Phone Case

paddle board accessories waterproof phone case

check latest price

To work with the dry bag, every paddle boarder should also accessorize with a waterproof phone case. This added level of protection will give you peace of mind while out on the water.

A universal waterproof phone storage case large enough to fit most smartphones (up to 6’ diagonally) and have a perfectly clear front panel to give full vision and control of the phone. You can stay connected with important emails, calls, or messages while using this phone case.

For extra security, it even has a lanyard neck strap to keep your hands free for paddling.

29. SUP Deck Cooler Bag

paddle board accessories deck cooler bagpaddle board accessories deck cooler bag

check latest price

Want to make your watery adventure even more special? A SUP deck cooler bag is definitely the way to go! Everyone else out in the water will be eyeing you up wanting a share of your chilled goods.

Pack yourself a tasty lunch or even a few cold drinks to enjoy over a relaxing afternoon on the water. Does it get any better than that?

Most options available on the market can be secured to the deck of your SUP by using the D-rings and clips. The SUP-Now cooler bag has a soft construction, but will keep upright on your SUP deck.

30. Snorkel and Fins

paddle board accessories snorkel fin setpaddle board accessories snorkel set

check latest price

For any paddle boarding adventure, we always make sure we pack our snorkel and fins. There is nothing better than a beautiful summer day and discovering what is in the water with you with these key items.

There is a whole range of marine life to discover, whether you are exploring oceans or lakes. Try the ZEEPORTE mask, fin, and snorkel set. It transports easily and has an attractive price tag.

Wrapping Up

So what are you waiting for? Get on your board this summer with these awesome accessories for paddle board and have adventures that you will remember for the rest of your life!

What is your go-to paddle boarding accessory? Let us know in the comments below.

Warren Tsoi
Warren Tsoi

1 Response

David Doi
David Doi

December 18, 2020

I am looking for a gift for my wife who paddleboards in open ocean here in Hawaii. I am thinking of a leash for her paddle to her hand? This way if she sees something to photograph, she can go for the camera and not worry about loosing the paddle? Subject is not always in front of board so camera mount would not work. Large fish and creatures pop up on all sides.

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